6 Mistakes When Creating an Event Marketing Emails

6 Mistakes When Creating an Event Marketing Emails

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Posted on May 18, 2023

When a company holds an event, it is essential to notify the target audience about it in a quality manner. Most people suffer from time pressure. Therefore, it can take time to achieve a high turnout. For the event to happen, it is necessary to interest the audience. In your email newsletter, list any meaningful benefits that attending the event will bring to the person. No less important is to do it concisely. Otherwise, he may not read the information to the end.

Why organize an Event Invitation Email?

Emails are one of the critical ways of communication. Therefore, they are essential in informing the target audience about the event. And even if you make this announcement through different communication channels, emailing will significantly enhance such information. But this is only true if you do everything right and avoid critical mistakes people make when sending out invitations.

6 Main Mistakes in your emails

It is essential to consider such errors. You first need to understand what they manifest themselves in to avoid them.

  1. Don’t have an Email Template.

The lack of an email template complicates mailing. Such a template should exist, considering the event’s specifics. If you use a ready-made template, you should adapt it as much as possible to the specifics of your company and make sure that the letter reflects your message. But at the same time, the very presence of a template plays an important role. With it, the presentation of information will be sufficiently structured.

  1. Don’t use a Targeted List for Emailing Your Invites.

Having a list of the target audience simplifies the mailing task. So your letters get to precisely those who may be interested in them. You do not do useless actions but build communication with those interested in attending the event.

When you have a list like this, you know what these people have in common. This approach allows you to initially build communication with people who can get the joy of attending your event. In addition, you must ensure that only up-to-date email addresses are on the list. Findymail will help you with this. So your marketing activities will be more effective. And you can objectively evaluate the campaign.

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  1. Not Create a Prominent Call to Action Button

It is indispensable to understand that the task of invitations is not just to inform but to encourage action. When you complete the text, place a call for people to come. It may be appropriate to supplement it with a critically convincing argument about the benefits of the event.

  1. Ignoring the Importance of Social Proof

Social proof, with which you can show the relevance and significance of your event, plays an important role. For example, it can be reviews of a previous event or a similar plan if you have already organized something. It is much easier for people to believe in attending an event if they have read about its benefits from other people.

If this is the first event, someone may have a question about what to do. In such situations, there are still no reviews from participants who were at past events. But you can use another version of social proof – statistical data from an authoritative source. This can be data on the topic’s relevance and the consequences of its ignorance. For example, what leads to a need for more awareness of some issues?

  1. Missing Important Event Details

The details of the event are what can attract many people. For example, a well-known blogger will speak at your event. This should exist because, for a part of the audience, the trigger about the personal brand of a celebrity significant to them is relevant.

Please provide a quiz with prizes. There are people for whom this feeling of surprise and surprise is essential. Even if the gifts are small and symbolic, the sense that the quiz gives makes people happy.

However, it would help if you remembered that excessive detailing could backfire. The audience will lose the critical idea of which benefits of the event are most relevant. Therefore, before compiling a text template for the newsletter, it is worth putting yourself in the reader’s place and answering an important question. It is what would motivate you to decide to attend such an event. In your answer, please list the top 5 benefits. In order of priority, they should exist in the text of the invitation.

  1. Weak Event Description

A weak description is not necessarily too short of information. Even in a long text, there may need to be more specifics. Namely, such specifics are necessary to understand whether it wants to attend the event. Sometimes the organizers make long texts, believing that they will look more convincing this way. But the audience, in most cases, can use a more detailed event plan. She needs to understand if the event is in her interests.

If you want to make just such a description, you should first consider what specific needs of the visitor will be satisfied by the event. For example, it can be up-to-date information about industry news if you are gathering an expert audience. Your audience may have a networking request. This is also worth considering. When it comes to an entertainment event, it is worth specifying its theme and critical essence. Different audience segments may have different visions of the ideal entertainment event.


Summing up, we can notice the importance of sending out invitations to the event. However, the mailing must meet several criteria for the audience wanting to pay attention to it. Avoid the mistakes you learned about in this article. Then there will be a greater chance that the mailing will be effective.

Keep sight of the vital idea that writing should do more than inform. Its purpose is to inspire action. This means that it must be in line with the needs of readers.

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