Event Production Trends You Can't Ignore in 2023

Event Production Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2023

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Posted on July 7, 2023

The event industry is directly interlinked with people’s needs and relies on their interests. And for this very reason, companies are always eager to know about the latest event production trends. Event production is pivotal in event management because all physical elements are directly associated. So, we will look at event production trends that can make or break your event in 2023.

But why are event production trends changing?

Well, social media evolution, technological transformations, and changes in the entertainment industry are the main culprits here. Now the audience is more demanding and always looking for a magic touch.

After all, event management is a high-value industry multiplying. In 2020, the global worth of the event industry was around $890 billion. Statista states its value might reach $2 trillion by 2028.

This leaves event production managers hunting for creative content and cool audiovisual ideas. And the solution lies in innovating something new or hiring a trendy event production company. In case you are looking for ideas and inspiration, we’ve also rounded up some suggestions for you.

11 Event Production Trends You Need to Follow

You can stand out and win over the competition by quickly adopting popular event production trends. We have rounded pre- and post-production trends to ensure you start on the right foot and finish growing.

Prefer Visually Appealing Venues 

Venu selection is the most crucial aspect of the event production process. It’s more about the experience and delight than the sitting arrangement, so choose wisely. Of course, not every venue is perfect for all types of events. Consider whether your chosen venue is right for your fashion show, corporate gathering, wedding, or charity event.

In 2023, the below venue types are more popular:

  • Co-working spaces
  • Gardens
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Libraries
  • Rooftops
  • Vineyards
  • Botanical gardens
  • Historical homes
  • Breweries or distilleries

Also, don’t forget to consider the following:

  • Type of event
  • Ambiance
  • Space size and layout
  • Activities

You must ensure that your guests can quickly locate the venue and get space for parking. If participants come from another city or commute through airlines, make transportation easy for them. Additionally, keep the scenery in mind and add natural elements as they are in trend.

Embrace Digital Elements

People needed to join events virtually during the pandemic, which resulted in the digitalization of the event industry. Although organizations were already hiring LED video walls for events, they have become essential. What’s intriguing is that event participants appreciate the idea. A larger display screen with quality resolution ensures that each participant feels connected.

Additionally, there’s a growing global demand for onsite studio pods. These mini studies with lighting, camera, and audio equipment enable organizers to hold podcasts and short interviews. And if you are in the event production industry, familiarize yourself with these.

Be Ready for Virtual and Hybrid Events

Organizations are returning to in-person, onsite events in 2023, but there is still demand for online events. Hybrid events are becoming a convenient and cost-effective solution. 

Event production managers are now getting themselves ready for hybrid events. Of course, this requires the right technical support and equipment but the reward is more fruitful. A hybrid event expands the reach without doubling the event budget and only requires a few pieces of equipment.

Incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR technologies are the emerging event production trends which are reshaping the event industry.

AR technology is most commonly used at events for hologram creation. On one hand, it engages people and encourages them to interact. On the other hand, it’s allowing speakers to participate in events virtually and thus save money. Event production managers can also offer an immersive experience for the audience through AR. You can create QR codes or fun games to ensure the participants remain engaged through the event.

 VR technology is ideal for companies who want to promote their products or services. Using VR, event production managers can help them display how their product or service will work. Companies in the healthcare, education, and engineering businesses are already into it.

So, if you aren’t incorporating AR/VR technology, you are going to miss out big time. It’s the right time to get your event production business ready for the new technology.

Get Started with Live Streaming 

A few years back, event production was all about handling logistics and creating a spellbinding visual experience. But that’s not the case anymore as we are now living in the digital age. Now people want to share and show their onsite events online.

Do you know in 2022 marketing managers attend 40% of events through live streaming?

Live streaming helps companies and people broadcast their events as they happen. This is a trend that started earlier but caught fire in 2023. You may not need additional equipment for live-streaming an event but you’ll surely require a technical skill set. All you need is to get strategic about how you will be facilitating the live streaming.

Design Events with ESG in Mind

In case you aren’t familiar, ESG represents Environmental, Social, and Governance policies. Countries, especially the EU and UK, are forcing organisations and businesses to take a stand on ethical issues and asking them to play their role. Diversity and sustainability are the two key aspects that you must never forget as an event production company or manager.

Minimising the environmental impact must be your first and foremost preference during the event production process. So, design and produce events while reducing carbon emissions, curtailing waste production, and saving energy.

Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Another policy matter that you must keep in mind is DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). As an event production company or manager, you must ensure diversity within the organisation. This will not only help the community but will also help you stand out as an ethical business. Try employing people of different genders, cultures, races, and ages as well as disabilities.

Also, while choosing the venue and designing the set, keep in mind the requirements and needs of such people. Make sure it’s easy for them to join the event, move around, and use utilities.

Strengthen Partnerships with Suppliers

We may not have a recession yet but it’s looming around the corner. Also, the world is coping with a staff shortage which is making it harder to find people with the right skills. This makes it crucial for an event production company to strengthen ties with its suppliers and workforce. Normally, event production requires extended partners and a diverse range of suppliers to make an event happen.

In 2023, you should be working on rebuilding partnerships with your suppliers for rainy days. This will help you keep afloat in case the staff shortage worsens in the near future.

Emphasis on Cost Savings and Efficiencies

Do you know the cost-per-attendee was 25% higher in 2022 than in 2019? And it’s expected to get even higher in 2023 by 7% as per the market research.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Considering the further cost rise and an upcoming recession, you have to be cost-effective in approach. You must cut budgets where you can and be mindful of event production management expenses. This will not only increase your profits but you’ll also be able to offer your clients lower prices. The key here is to work on your ROIs and focus on areas where you are bleeding cash right now.

Don’t Forget to Put Sponsors in the Spotlight

If you are producing a charity event, ensure sponsors get the spotlight and coverage if there are any involved. The corporate sector supports charity events for good reasons, and promoting their businesses is one of them. The organisations usually ask and inform the event production companies to do so. But in case they forget, it’s your job to remind them and keep it going.

Use Event Management Software and Tools

The business world is moving fast-forward with the help of software and cloud computing. Even event planners are using tools like InEvent to declutter their workload and organise events. With such software, you can easily do event marketing, manage tickets, sponsors, and speakers, and can access required details in seconds.

If you ask us, the use of event management software and tools is the biggest event production trend right now. They make it easy for you to handle different tasks while keeping you updated about important errands. Not to mention the last-minute schedule changes that otherwise will be hard to manage.

The Bottom Line

Knowing the latest event production trends enables you to understand the market and strategize your business. All you need to do is leverage these trends to ensure your growth in 2023. Embrace the technological advancements, equip yourself with the latest technical knowledge, and be ready for hybrid events.

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