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How to determine personas for in-person events

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Every event organizer wants a successful event. You want all that plan and execution to result in an event where attendees are...

7 Timeless Office Christmas Party Ideas

Views: 6702

The Holidays are upon us again; it is that time of the year when snowflakes engulf the streets; Christmas wreaths hang on doors;...

In-person event promotion guide for 2023

Views: 8844

As we gradually approach the end of 2022, serious organizations should begin plans to improve their operations and results in the...

Your Complete Guide to Webinar Email Marketing

Views: 9957

Webinars are one of the most cost-effective tools businesses use to drive engagement with their brands. You can hold a webinar to...

5+ Must-Attend Event Planner Conferences in 2023

Views: 17270

Event planner conferences—whether it be virtual, hybrid, or in-person—have proven to be effective for event planners in so...

Halloween Marketing Strategies for Event Professionals

Views: 7525

Don’t look back: the boogeyman is right behind you. Act like you’re unaware; just stay still and focus on your screen....

Top 10 tradeshows you can attend in 2023

Views: 14015

Trade shows are organized and hosted worldwide yearly, and keeping track of them all might be a little challenging. To help you...

6 Tips For Promoting Your Event On LinkedIn

Views: 7530

Event promotion, marketing, and content distribution have never been easier. LinkedIn has over 756 million users worldwide, with...

The Most User-Friendly Email Marketing Platforms for Event Professionals 2022

Views: 7634

  You’ve identified how effective email marketing can be for your business. Over the years, it has evolved more than most...

7 Best Hybrid Events You Should Not Miss

Views: 7717

We can’t say it enough, but it is a relief that the world has rolled back the Covid-19 pandemic that threatened our...

How event planners can transition to in-person events

Views: 16053

What do you miss the most about in-person events? Drawing from memory, the embrace from the rustling wind, side-talks that you...

9 Social Media Marketing Tactics You Shouldn’t Skip When Promoting Webinars

Views: 18525

Promoting webinars can be all shades of fun, however, no matter how useful and valuable a webinar may be, you can’t expect to...

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