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The Future of Event Planning: Emerging Trends Shaping The New Normal

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Discover the emerging trends shaping the future of event planning.  The future of event planning is fraught with...

Event Marketing Guide: Strategy, Examples, Ideas & ROI

Views: 25881

The ultimate event marketing guide, including event marketing strategy, types of events, promotional tactics, and KPIs to measure...

Leveraging analytics: how to measure event ROI for virtual & hybrid events

Views: 18791

All the metrics and analytics you need to measure event ROI for virtual and hybrid events. How to measure event ROI...

Hybrid Events

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Everything you need to know about hybrid events What are hybrid events? The easiest way to understand what hybrid events are is...

InEvent named Event Engagement Platform of the Year by RemoteTech Breakthrough Awards Program

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Prestigious annual awards program recognizes standout marketing, advertising and sales technology around the world  InEvent...

Leadership in event management: the qualities that lead teams to success

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Find out the qualities that make leaders stand out from managers and that are necessary for impactful leadership in event...

InEvent launches EventMarket to connect advanced certified event services providers worldwide

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InEvent launched EventMarket today – the integrated trusted partners marketplace. The EventMarket is the platform solution...

Mastering Negotiation: Top Strategies for Event Company Partnerships

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“Negotiation is the most important skill professionals need in the year 2021”  Scott Tillema, negotiations instructor...

Event planning contract negotiations: best practices and most common mistakes

Views: 30119

Discover the best practices for event planning contract negotiations you should follow and the most common mistakes you should...

InEvent’s Online Events Management Checklist

Views: 21952

An online events management checklist of everything you need for your next virtual event Pre-event online events management...

How to host an online networking event

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Here’s a carefully crafted step-by-step guide to hosting an online networking event. Plan, prepare & execute! As with any...

10 Entertainment ideas for events that delight attendees.

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Discover the best entertainment ideas for events that surprise and delight attendees, delivering a memorable experience. Often...

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