InEvent vs. Swoogo:

Top Swoogo alternative for in-person and virtual events

Welcome to InEvent, the industry leading solution for all-in-one event management software.

InEvent vs Swoogo

Efficiently transition from in-person to virtual with InEvent's hybrid event solutions

InEvent understands the dynamic nature of the events industry, and we provide a seamless transition from in-person to virtual events. With our hybrid event solutions, you can effortlessly combine the best of both worlds and create unforgettable experiences for your attendees. Our virtual event platform offers cutting-edge features, including interactive virtual booths, live streaming, real-time broadcasting, and on-demand recording. With InEvent, you can captivate your audience, engage them with interactive content, and ensure that your hybrid conferences and events are a resounding success.

Unleash the power of live studio and high-quality video streaming

InEvent goes beyond traditional event management software by offering Live Studio, a powerful tool that allows you to create captivating live experiences. With Live Studio, you can produce professional-grade presentations, panel discussions, and keynotes that leave a lasting impression. Our seamless integration with video conferencing tools enables high-quality video streaming, ensuring that your virtual attendees receive a flawless viewing experience. With InEvent, you can deliver engaging content that captures your audience's attention and keeps them fully engaged throughout your events.

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What event leaders love that sets InEvent apart.



Attendee networking


Lead Generation and Retrieval


Built-In Webcasting


Interactive Content


Ease of Use


Customer Service


Mobile Check-In


On-site Tickets and Registration


Speaker Access and Control


Virtual Lobby


Speaker Submissions


Social Media Integrations


Attendee Surveys


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Streamline Your Event Operations with InEvent's Comprehensive Features

InEvent boasts an array of features that Swoogo simply cannot match. With InEvent, you gain access to:

Integration with Leading Platforms

Seamlessly connect InEvent with Zapier, Microsoft, ChatGPT, Interprefy, Intercom, Hive Streaming, and more, to enhance your workflow and productivity.

Event Budgeting

Gain full control over your event finances with InEvent's robust budgeting and forecasting tools. Make informed decisions and maximize the value of your resources.


Drive attendee engagement and excitement with gamification features that motivate participants and foster friendly competition. Encourage interaction and boost overall event satisfaction.

Role-Based Permissions

Control access and permissions within your event team, ensuring that each member has the appropriate level of authority and responsibility. Maintain data security and manage event operations with ease.

Speaker Management

Simplify the process of managing speakers with InEvent's intuitive speaker management tools. From communication to session scheduling, InEvent empowers you to deliver a seamless speaker experience.

Support Ticket Management

Efficiently handle attendee inquiries and support requests with InEvent's support ticket management system. Provide prompt assistance and enhance attendee satisfaction.

On-Demand Recording

Capture every moment of your event and offer on-demand access to recorded sessions. Extend the reach of your event and provide valuable content even after it concludes.

Who Benefits from InEvent?

While other event management platforms may cater to managing small or large events, InEvent is the preferred choice for organizations of all sizes and industries. Our event management software is perfect for:

Corporate events

Deliver impactful conferences, product launches, and corporate retreats with ease.

Trade Shows and Expos

Maximize exhibitor and attendee experiences while driving business growth.

Associations and Nonprofits

Engage members, raise funds, and build community with comprehensive event solutions.

Educational Institutions

Host engaging webinars, virtual classrooms, and educational conferences that inspire and educate.

Government Agencies

Efficiently manage public events, conferences, and summits while ensuring security and compliance.

Experience the Future of Event Management with InEvent.

The complete platform for all your events

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