Cloud Connections Summit 2020

A partner first event to connect with the channel! Exhibition booths, interactive sessions, private meeting spaces, and more.


OIT is a channel-focused provider of voice over IP services. Their core audience consists of Managed Service Providers and Value Added Resellers.

InEvent Cases

They realized MSPs and VARs needed a partner in the communications space who could provide reliable service without competition against their own offerings.

So they came up with their partner program, which was created many years ago, specifically to address the needs of the technology services space.

InEvent was truly a pleasure to work with. Going into our first event, we really didn’t know what to expect. We had high standards for what we wanted from our conference. We needed a partner that would help us get there. Everyone at the InEvent team was supremely helpful and guided us every step of the way. From initial training, through event preparation, and even afterwards, InEvent was ready and available. I definitely recommend InEvent for anyone looking to hold any kind of event.Ray Orsini. CEO and founder @ OIT and OITVOIP

about Cloud Connections Summit


The ideation phase

InEvent Challenges

OITVOIP has always envisioned a Partner First mentality. Every initiative and new business offering starts with a focus on how it will enable their partners to succeed.

They believe that collaboration, networking and education are keys to a partner's success. Thus, the Cloud Connections Summit was created to meet those exact goals.


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    Definition of the challenge

    OIT has been talking internally about holding their first conference for a few years. Their partners had been almost begging for the same. They even had a plan to launch it in 2020, but then COVID happened.

    After a few months of hearing the pains from their partners they realized they needed to do something. They discussed several options and eventually decided that a virtual conference was the way to go.

    • 1 - Each member of OIT’s events team had plenty of experience being attendees. Some of them had even spoken on panels. But none of them had ever organized anything at this scale.
    • 2 - They knew they had to get it right, but they didn't know exactly how to do that.
    • 3 - At this point, the InEvent team stood by and guided Cloud Connections Summit organizers through every step of the way. Together, they worked through challenges, always following best practices.

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    Detailing the challenge

    Once the tagline was created, OITVOIP team had a better comprehension of the challenge ahead.

    After this discovery phase, Cloud Connections Summit specific success criteria were clear and ready to be addressed.

    Based on that, the InEvent team worked together with the conference organizers to:

    • Leverage everything from the branded mobile apps with push notifications, to email templating with tokens, and individual content hosting for each of their sponsors.
    • Use multiple rooms to host several types of sessions including keynote speeches, discussion panels and even a live magic show with audience participation.
    • Bring their guests on video to interact live with the channel.
    I have to say that my favorite part was the ability to bring guests on video. It really stood out as the difference between collaboration and your typical webinar. InEvent provides tons of features that let you conduct your event any way you want.Ray Orsini. CEO and founder @ OIT and OITVOIP

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    The outcome

    Cloud Connections Summit 2020 organizers’ biggest fear in preparing for the conference was around learning a new platform.

    For that, they had the InEvent Customer Success team answering every question along the way.

    The InEvent team was amazing at making sure we were prepared. It’s been a godsend when we were still learning and they really made us feel comfortable as we went into our first day!Ray Orsini. CEO and founder @ OIT and OITVOIP

    Attendees loved the collaboration and networking opportunities. It’s been two months since the event has happened, but OIT continues receiving praise on their Cloud Connections Summit every week!

    At the end, Cloud Connections Summit overall goals to educate and foster networking was a huge success. Surveys and feedbacks collected via InEvent platform were overwhelmingly positive.

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    The InEvent platform is extremely easy to use. You have immediate access to the necessary controls needed to conduct your event. Even for newcomers like us, everything just made sense. Ray Orsini. CEO and founder @ OIT and OITVOIP

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