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The MICE guru is a renowned event consultancy company that designs and delivers virtual and hybrid experiences. The MICE guru specializes in destination marketing, bringing to life creative conferences, VIP experiences, brand activations, and more in Norway.

About The MICE GuruIn January 2021, the company planned to host a one-of-a-kind event. The Digital Trip was designed as a memorable occasion to bring together the destination management and marketing, and the event professional communities.

Additionally, the event aimed to bolster the MICE guru's brand visibility, and strengthen its profile as a partner for virtual events and digital strategy.


InEvent Challenges

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, professionals in events and destination management have been severely impacted. Indeed, people can no longer travel freely and experience the full offerings of a destination in-person.

However, the MICE guru couldn't simply wait out the pandemic. They were resolved to offer a captivating virtual experience for eventprofs and destination marketers.

In putting together the Digital Trip, the company's objective was to immerse the audience in a unique destination: Stavanger, Norway. The company faced the challenge of showcasing the city and offering attendees a full experience of a destination, despite not physically being there.

Outcome Overall

Keeping that in mind, the MICE guru wanted to create a nontraditional event, going beyond a typical conference with a sequence of keynote speakers and panel sessions. They sought to deliver an immersive experience that would push boundaries, being a vibrant, fun, and inclusive event.

About The MICE GuruTherefore, they needed a platform enabling a smooth event journey, where attendees could seamlessly explore the city, discovering the local attractions in a memorable digital trip.

Alongside that, they were looking for a fully-customizable platform that would effectively convey a creative event design and brand identity.


InEvent Outcome

After surveying several platforms, the MICE guru decided to trust InEvent to host its 2-day immersive digital trip.Outcome Overall

Given its unique nature as a virtual travel experience, the Digital Trip used InEvent's dynamic Virtual Lobby. The Virtual Lobby enabled attendees to follow a real-time personalized trip, experiencing the destination from a visitor's perspective.

  • Heidi Legein
    We loved the NEO Virtual Lobby and found it easy to make our event look good.Heidi Legein
    Managing Director at The MICE Guru
From arriving at the airport to checking in to the hotel, to walking through the city center, to discovering the local restaurants and meeting celebrity chefs, attendees were offered a truly immersive experience.

Outcome Overall

Added to that, InEvent's white label solution allowed the MICE guru to stamp its event brand identity and provide a striking event environment.

The digital trip was successful beyond expectations, as the MICE guru set new standards and raised the bar of virtual destination experiences. As a result, the event has been taken as a showcase when discussing the future trends in destination marketing.

It brought people together to support the local community and inspired event planners around the world to consider Norway as their destination of choice for future events. Crucially, the event delighted attendees and has reinforced the MICE guru's profile as a valuable event partner.


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