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DowDupont and InEvent innovate in DowDupont's new agricultural division Corteva Agriscience™ event.


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Corteva Agriscience™ brings together DuPont Crop Protection, DuPont Pioneer and Dow AgroSciences to create a market-shaping, standalone agriculture company with leading positions in Seed Technologies, Crop Protection and Digital Agriculture. Corteva Agriscience™ (kohr-'teh-vah) is derived from a combination of words meaning 'heart' and 'nature'.

”Corteva Agriscience™ is bringing together three businesses with deep connections and dedication to generations of farmers. Our new name acknowledges our history while looking forward to our commitment to enhancing farmer productivity as well as the health and well-being of the consumers they serve. With the most balanced portfolio of products in the industry, nearly a century of agronomic expertise and an unparalleled innovation engine, Corteva Agriscience™ will become a leading Agriculture company, focused on working together with the entire food system to produce a secure supply of healthy food.” James C. Collins, Chief Operating Officer at DowDuPont Agriscience

Corteva Agriscience™ kickoff 2018 trade meeting brought together approximately 1,000 people, including employees, leaders and its entire business team. 13 simultaneous rooms discussed business strategies throughout a very intense week.


InEvent Challenges

There were many expectations regarding the event such as communication and engagement of participants, event data measurement and real-time event evaluation for decision-making.


  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Live App

    InEvent Live App solution was used as a dedicated app for the event. More than communicating event activities and other important informations, the app enabled attendees to express, interact with each other and share their ideas with their co-workers. The app resulted in an approximately 100% engagement rate and 573 posts with photos and videos that generated 5,028 likes and 386 shares.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Hospitality

    InEvent Hospitality was the solution for accommodation, travel itinerary, flights and transfers of each attendee. The solution facilitated logistics with access to real time information. Hospitality information, personal data and special notes could be consulted on the mobile app: each attendee had access to their travel itinerary, flight number and accommodation, generating approximately 2,000 flight sessions in the app.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Compliance

    InEvent Compliance was the solution for the event's operational management. The event organization tracked attendees' data and event evaluation in real time. More than 260,438 data points were captured and stored on the platform for later use of Corteva's business area and future events.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Pass

    Live Support provided an on-site event specialist that supported the event organization. The specialist was responsible of keeping track of all event platform related activities and solving problems for the event organization and attendees.





  • InEvent profile for Ana Cristina Etges - Communication Operational & Budget Manager na Corteva Agriscience™
    InEvent's solutions really surprised us and surpassed our expectations in every way. We had lots of compliments. One of the meetings highlights was to use InEvent's app to support our entire event. For all dynamics, information, we used the app to communicate with our audience and it was very efficient. We had a successful event and we thank the entire InEvent team for this wonderful app and helping us to make this event a success. Ana Cristina Etges - Communication Operational & Budget Manager na Corteva Agriscience™
  • InEvent profile for Dennis Altermann - Digital Communication Planner at Corteva Agriscience™
    InEvent's platform helped us create a greater feeling of connection with the attendees. It also facilitated attendee communication. Since people came from different groups and places, the solution ended up being a quick and easy way to communicate with everyone. Push notifications helped us a lot in streamlining information that kept changing throughout the day and the platform was also very interesting for data collection, getting daily attendee feedback and understanding attendee's perception of the event. Dennis Altermann - Digital Communication Planner at Corteva Agriscience™

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