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The Dudley Flood Center for Educational Equity and Opportunity connects organizations, networks, and leaders to address issues of equity, access, and opportunity in education across North Carolina. The company was birthed from the findings and recommendations of the Forum’s Study Group XVI, co-chaired by Dr. Flood. More so, the Forum partners with theColor of Education, an initiative to promote racial equity in academic institutions across North Carolina. By building meaningful connections and engagement across research, policy, and practice fields, DFC has been able to spark discussions on policies and influence equity and social justice. It goes beyond advocacy, promoting, discussing, and creating policies addressing education; DFC is translating strategy into action by leveraging the InEvent platform to sensitize and engage its stakeholders.


Before using InEvent as its communications strategy platform, connectivity was their primary challenge. So, the search for a high-engagement platform began, as they needed a platform that would expand their reach and enable them to host hybrid meetings across the state and overseas.

Dr. Deanna Townsend-Smith, Senior Director at Dudley Flood Center for Educational Equity, describes their switch to InEvent as a ‘positive move.’ She adds that “ We have been pleased with the solution we found with InEvent and the support they offer to ensure that you understand the answer and that we have successful events. We have had positive feedback from our stakeholders.”

Dudley Flood Center for Educational Equity and Opportunity InEventDudley Flood Center for Educational Equity and Opportunity InEvent
"We were using another or various platforms to try to have hybrid meetings. It wasn't hybrid because people couldn't experience the meeting while it was happening. We had a lot of breakdowns when it came to people staying connected during the entirety of it."


InEvent offers DFC the solution of performing multiple event activities in a single platform. They have reached a large audience in North Carolina, allowing attendees to network and connect.Dudley Flood Center for Educational Equity and Opportunity InEvent

For DFC, maintaining relationships formed during events is of the essence. They want attendees to keep in touch after events because it helps make their community grow bigger and stronger. “Attendees can network with each other after an event, and so that has been a welcome change for us .”

Another solution that DFC enjoys in using InEvent is the high video quality that Dr. Townsend-Smith describes as ‘stellar.’ It allows them to implement their hybrid communication strategies effectively. She revealed that most platforms couldn’t display live events simultaneously using mediated media, but InEvent has this ability as a differential. Coupled with the quality of the platform, DFC has a positive user experience on the forum. “It's been an easy tool to use. Also, the number one selling point for us, which has been phenomenal, has been the support we have received throughout this process.”

Additionally, InEvent hosts DFC’s content even after events so that they can access them at any time. “It’s the ability to have the content remain on InEvent, post an event. And those that participated can go back and say, ‘oh, I remember this part in the session; let me take a look at this.’ Beyond that, we can register for events in one place, network during and post the events, and view and present our reports and analytics. It just keeps those necessary conversations going, and I think that we’ve been very pleased with how that has progressed,”

The ability to have their information available during and after events has been critical to them. Also, the overall professional look and feel of InEvent have been a positive observation. They define their consistent success as being able to ‘convene in a true hybrid way.’

"Overall we have been pleased with the support that we received from InEvent and the support it allows us to provide to the state. The quality of the video has been stellar; you don't see that anywhere else. It’s the ability to be hybrid for us truly; most platforms allow you to post your content after the event and not while it's live, and so that's been genuinely instrumental for us, and we've gotten a lot of great feedback from our stakeholders on being able to interact, ask questions, engage with speakers. At the same time, we are at an event live."


DFC is looking to expand our impact. As a statewide entity, we cover the entire state of North Carolina. “We even have some partners in other states, and so our desire and the reason we partner with InEvent is that it allows us to have greater reach impact and capacity In that we can convene more groups within InEvent.” Their Color of Education event, their core and signature program, unites over 1500 people in person every year. Their network continues to expand even at this very moment. Furthermore, DFC receives feedback that their attendees enjoy returning to the content they've had access to during the session.Dudley Flood Center for Educational Equity and Opportunity InEvent

"InEvent has just changed how we approach our meetings overall, so it's been positive; we chose InEvent repeatedly because the quality of the video has been outstanding."

Next Line of Action

DFC is hosting its second in-person event. Though they are incorporating virtual event strategies for registrations, they’ll be convening in person.

"So one thing that we are doing starting next month is to have an in-person convening. We’ll use InEvent to have people register. Once they register, they can engage with us at the event and post-event. Having that continued reach throughout the year is essential, and it meets our mission of being a true hub so that people can come together, has needed conversations, and do the work we set out to do for the state."

They have planned the engagement solutions they will utilize for their upcoming event later this month. “We’ll do polling, quizzes, and a few other activities for engagement with our guests who will be with us on February 20th.”

The impact our global clientele is creating with InEvent is boundless. This is a call to join the success train. We’ve got the housing solutions you need to make your next successful in-person. Contact us, and we’ll empower you with solutions that turn your challenges into opportune ones and their reach.

  • InEvent profile for Dr. Deanna Townsend-Smith, Senior Director @ DFC
    We've been able to reach parts of the state that we haven't been able to get before and convene people in several ways. I think that's because we use InEvent for various things—not only for our signature conference, it is becoming a part of our brand. It's an expectation that people won't get disconnected. We don't have to use various solutions; one for registration, one for the meeting, and one after the meeting. We can do a lot of communication within one tool, which has been helpful. Dr. Deanna Townsend-Smith, Senior Director @ DFC

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