Global EventHub

The perfect solution for your company hosting multiple events worldwide, with different partners and locations.

EventHub features

One hub for all your events

Keep your event data safe while you connect with 100 plus solutions to create the personalized experience needed for each one of your events. Unique event experiences at scale.

Your Virtual and Hybrid EventHub

The hub allows you to have a global license and to personalize the experience for each event you host to the fullest. You are able to customize your tools, use production agencies or even add 3rd party software plugins if you need to.

InEvent EventHub includes our marketplace, where you can hire certified partners, hardware rentals, creative services and much more. You can also add your own partners!

Event solutions


Native Video, Badge Printing Kiosks, White Label platform, Salesforce and CRM integrations.

Event mobile app


Ideal for event day support, upload assets to the event, build content, run creative services and provide a turnkey solution for your event.

Event management


Rent printers, tablets, computers, webcameras and more to host a professional event. With worldwide local delivery!

Enterprise hub for virtual and hybrid events

InEvent EventHub

Host multiple events at the same time with a single InEvent subscription.

Unlock the value of hosting multiple events at once or in parallel.

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Connect with your other software applications

Use InEvent integrations to connect with Marketo, Salesforce, Hubspot and other solutions.

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Multiple Currencies

Certified local partners for additional services

InEvent has partnered with several local suppliers that can provide on-site support, developer integrations and hardware rental services and much more.

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Host hybrid, virtual or in-person events

Use templates to automate the process and reduce the manual work to create your virtual or hybrid event.

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Join our free community for eventprofs

Connect with other event professionals, get special perks and benefits and have great experiences attending our events.

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Multiple offices connected

Shared resources across your organization

Connect all your offices with local and regional managers using our extensive permission management tools, which connects your shared resources such as templates, design, branding, billing and reports.

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What are the benefits?

Centralized billing cost center for unlimited amount of events: InEvent can consolidate requests from multiple business units into a single worldwide annual license, providing a cohesive usage report across the business.

Centralized agency management for budget expenses: InEvent is a software company and not an agency, so InEvent partners with multiple certified agencies for additional services for our customers. InEvent has a non exclusive agency policy, which allows the customer to also onboard their preferred agencies and offer required training at no additional cost. All certified agencies who completed training are available on a single dashboard for stakeholders to hire services online and integrated.

Follow the sun 24/7 support: Our industry leading support, available 24 hours per day, every day of the week, has a SLA of 60 seconds to reply to any queries you might have through our chat. InEvent enterprise and core teams have experienced project managers, documented escalation procedures and failover plans to help, assist and implement your hub successfully.

Access to integrations and templates: Our deeply integrated solution with your CRM will be able to provide cohort reports with insighful information for your lead generation, customer retention and business KPIs. Templates will provide flexible design and tools for your creative space and agency goals, so each event can be an unique experience.

Dashboard for worlwide development: With multiple countries in operation, you will be able to segment the solution in multiple tiers, adding a country manager, event manager and even session manager on your global deployment, all centrally managed from the business headquarters.

What are the requirements?

Required agency training: It is required to formally request agencies to go through InEvent agency certification program and InEvent will train your preferred agencies, using our learning and certification process for high deliverability. Training is required to be a certified agency, which must formally assign a team member to be trained and certified on the InEvent platform. Agencies which do not complete required training hours will not be eligible to operate the platform.

CRM integrated plugin: A connection with the InEvent platform and your current marketing stack is essential to deliver a valuable dashboard and insights. InEvent supports sales, marketing and event CRMs that can pull and push data from, protected with data encryption and privacy requirements.

Implementation Plan

The InEvent EventHub model covers all the requirements on a global worldwide enterprise implementation.

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Implementation Plan


Week 1
Meet your Customer Success senior project manager and team members, set up your platform admins, discuss the implementation model and get any questions you may have answered.

Region Mapping

Week 2
Map your different regions that will be using the platform and implement a training schedule for each of the teams. Common regions are per country, business unit or language group.

Agency Mapping

Week 3
Also map all your preferred agencies and assess their knowledge on the platform to successfully onboard them into the partner ecosystem. Skip if internal team.

CRM Integration

Week 4
Plug in your preferred CRMs such as Salesforce and Marketo for a further deep dive on the Business Analytics and workflow automation.

Template Design

Week 5
Create your most common templates, with your branding and common settings, to be reusable on the day to day of your operations.
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9
Week 10
Implementation Plan

Training Sessions

Week 6
Start training with both internal teams and agency project managers to fully comprehend the platform and get hands-on knowledge on the technology.

Dry Runs

Week 7
Explore the platform with your speakers, presenters and supporting agency in preparation for the event days. Validate browser requirements, firewalls and computer specs.

Event Days

Week 8
Run unlimited events with the InEvent platform, with beautifully crafted design driven experiences, selected apps and integrations, plus live support from your booked agency.

Business Analytics

Week 9
Compare cohorts analysis from the InEvent system and data analytics, providing insights on your current usage and KPI progress, such as lead generation or employee retention.

Quarterly Updates

Week 10
Share roadmap updates, sync with your project manager, explore reports and desired KPIs for the upcoming quarter.


Who is the hub ideal for?

The hub is built for companies hosting a large amount of events per year, usually in multiple countries and working in multiple timezones, with at least 10,000 attendees per year.

How do I implement the hub?

First the company signs up for InEvent license, goes through Information Security (InfoSec) and implement the software with the proper whitelists, SSO, CRM integrations. InEvent provides training for each region through F2F video, FAQs and also hands-on cases. Then for each event that you host, you can assign a different event manager or outsource to a certified event agency. You are in control of the event production and design, transforming each event into an unique experience.

Is the hub hybrid ready?

Yes, InEvent has support for F2F, IRL, and in-person events out of the box. The platform works with hardware integrators for badge printers and also NFC bracelets, which connects both virtual and in-person attendees to the same event space.

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