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Sales meetings

All-hands meetings

Stand out amongst your competitors with a fully customizable background that enables you to fix your company’s images as your standard background. Undoubtedly you’ll have a professional ambience, giving the signal that you mean business and are ready to work with your prospective clients right away!

Increase your meetings productivity with our help

Speed Networking

Create a cordial atmosphere in the speed networking room to lighten the mood of the meeting, keep them engaged, connected, and make them establish a bond with you as though they weren’t on a formal sales call.

Custom Virtual Lobby

Impress your prospects from the get-go by building a Virtual Lobby from scratch; it’s like a concierge that never gets tired of receiving guests, and keeping them informed on the agenda for presentations.

1:1 Meetings

Enable prospects to schedule 1:1 meetings with you, so you can connect with them on a grand scale and give them further information about your company’s offerings, placing them in the best position to become clients.

Personalized Agenda

Create a personalized meeting agenda during Corporate roadshows to have a more organized itinerary and to keep your attendees guided on the scope of your presentations.

Live Studio

Close more deals with a Live Studio room that allows for easy customization of your background and screen share. You can boost engagement with live chats and polls.

Host Inclusive Meetings

Be more connected to your leads while planning events. InEvent’s CRM integrations with Marketo, Salesforce, and HubSpot allows an end-to-end transfer of data.

The complete platform for all your events

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