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Video Conferences

All-hands meetings are those regular gatherings where more than one person is needed to make important decisions or announcements.

Video Conferences

InEvent provides you with a platform to build a permanent linked environment to host all your meetings virtually. Use our engaging features to enhance the productivity of your meetings



Virtual Lobby
Personalized Agenda
Multiple Simultaneous Sessions
1:1 Video Networking
Access Branded Product
Works on Web
Detailed Reporting
Real-time Transcription
Custom White-label Event Mobile App
Global Service Provider Network
Self-service Customizations
Pay per-registrations
Speed Networking and Rooms
Attendance Tracking
Different Video Modes

Increase your meetings productivity with our help

Video Calls

Host your meetings in a user-friendly Virtual Lobby with a variety of modes and interfaces to make it as dynamic as it gets.

Meetings Become Events

Turn your meetings into multiple-sessions events that caters single experiences to segmented audiences while using the same platform.

Integrated Agenda

Create a personalized agenda for your activities, keeping your contacts informed about your events and easily inviting them to attend meetings.

Dynamic Networking

Take advantage of our video networking features to promote more interactions through single and group rooms, or even random meetings with our Speed Networking.

Live Studio

Host groundbreaking meetings and webinars with the help of a live video editor that allows you to create TV-like experiences instantly to your live streamings.

Host Inclusive Meetings

Foster Inclusivity and Diversity by leveraging sign language and real-time multiple language transcriptions to reach out to a broader audience.

Data Driven Meetings

Utilize sophisticated analytics and reporting tools to extract in-depth audience insights to optimize your meetings’ strategies.

Your own Branding

Explore a fully customizable white-label platform to increase your brand exposure by having your own video solution and mobile app.

Earn More

Increase your ROI with InEvent’s advanced marketing and ticketing features.

Make the most out of your subscription to maximize attendance and inclusiveness of all events throughout the year, with InEvent’s fully customizable all-in-one event management solution.

Go Beyond video conferences with InEvent.

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