InEvent vs. Goldcast:

Elevate your B2B events with the best event management solution

Transform your event strategy with InEvent, the market's most powerful event software for professionals seeking to surpass Goldcast's capabilities. Avoid complicated integrations or technical errors that could cost your business valuable time and money. Experience the difference firsthand with an interactive demo.

InEvent vs Goldcast

Do you want to start planning and managing your events with the most reliable virtual event platform? InEvent is the perfect Goldcast alternative, and here's why. Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it a breeze to manage your events, track valuable metrics, and set up automated workflows effectively.

Price Match

When it comes to event management, metrics matter. Let's take a closer look at how InEvent and Goldcast stack up in crucial areas:



Advanced Reporting


Mobile Check In


Email Automation


Hotel and Transportation Planning


Speaker Submissions


1:1 Networking


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Discover the InEvent Advantage You Need For Extraordinary Events

InEvent stands head and shoulders above the competition when organizing successful in-person events. Let's explore the unique advantages of InEvent over Goldcast regarding in-person event management.

On-Site Check-In

Simplify the check-in process and eliminate long queues with InEvent's efficient on-site check-in feature. Attendees can seamlessly register their arrival, ensuring a smooth and professional experience from the moment they step foot at your event. Goldcast lacks this critical capability, leaving attendees frustrated with manual check-in processes.

Badge Printing

Impress your attendees with professional and customized badges using InEvent's badge printing functionality. Easily design and generate badges with attendee information, ensuring a polished and branded event experience. Goldcast falls short in providing this level of personalization and attention to detail.

Session Management

Keep your event schedule running smoothly with InEvent's session management tools. Effectively manage session capacities, assign speakers, and provide real-time updates to attendees. Goldcast lacks the comprehensive session management features that InEvent offers, making it difficult to organize and optimize your event schedule efficiently.

Exhibitor Management

Effortlessly coordinate and support exhibitors with our user-friendly platform. From booth assignments to lead generation, we have them covered for success. Unlike GoldCast, our platform provides essential features, removing the need to manage exhibitors manually.

Networking Opportunities

We want your attendee to build connections and network efficiently. Our platform allows participants to engage in one-on-one meetings, group sessions, and interactive activities, forming valuable connections. While Goldcast provides limited networking options, InEvent takes it to the next level.

Real-time Feedback

Get real-time attendee feedback with InEvent's collection tools. Learn about session, speaker, and event satisfaction to improve future events. With Goldcast, you can miss out on these essential insights.

Lead Capture and Management

Seamlessly integrate with your CRM for a streamlined process. InEvent simplifies lead capture and management to nurture leads during events. While Goldcast offers limited capabilities, InEvent is robust and highly customizable.

Interactive Surveys and Polls

Use InEvent for interactive surveys and polls that engage your audience and offer real-time feedback. Unlike Goldcast, we provide dynamic features that captivate attendees.

Customizable Branding

Brand your in-person events with InEvent's customizable options for registration pages, materials, signage, and more. Ensure a memorable experience for attendees with a distinct and professional identity, unlike Goldcast's limited options.

Analytics and Reporting

Use InEvent's data analytics & reporting for actionable insights into event performance, attendee behavior & engagement levels. Optimize future events with this information & showcase their success. Goldcast's limited analytics features may make it tough to evaluate event impact.

Not only do we offer an intuitive cost-effective, and user-friendly event platform with a wide range of features such as live streaming video, automated workflows, and integrations with popular CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot – we also provide 24/7 customer support to ensure that businesses have everything they need to make their events a success.

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Ben Pidskalny

SW needed a partner to provide the right technology to build fantastic event experiences. We looked at other platforms just to compare the features, but InEvent kept rising to the top because the support is amazing! The flexibility, easy customization, and third-party integrations, including social media channels, are a big one with the InEvent platform. Since this pivotal turn, we now attain six-figure returns from events.

Ben Pidskalny, Vice President, SW Event Technology

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