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Our history

InEvent was created at Silicon Valley by a group of Brazilian engineers. In 2011, its founders were students at Draper University , the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Illinois Institute of Technology seeking to further extend their professional experiences. Through a series of international exchange programs, they met startups and began to attend networking events, where they realized that event technology was a great untouched opportunity.

At the end of 2013, they tried their first ideas for product monetization. Perceiving how technology was useful for large number of events/businesses, they offered a customized version for corporate customers with exclusive brand access and dedicated support. Some tests were run with two companies, still with an early beta product.

In early 2014, they were selected for one of the largest acceleration programs of Europe, the Lisbon Challenge. Lasting three continuous months, it allowed access to a wide range of contacts and mentors of the highest value for major events. They raised a crowd funding campaign, held by Indiegogo , vital for their stay in Lisbon during the program. Later in the year, Brazil became InEvent's first branch outside the United States, launching with two paying customers.

In 2015, InEvent became part of Open Startups, a Stefanini innovation program for sales and marketing. With the entry of new customers, new members were brought on board as shown on the LinkedIn page. InEvent's first Summit was held for only 5 InEventers, which developed the affiliate program, created the first successful partnerships with large companies and started the weekly vlog. The year closed with a team twice as large and with a growth of 8x on the revenues of the previous year.

In 2016, InEvent closed major deals with customers such as Santander, Bayer, Coca-Cola, Amazon and others. During the second Summit, the full integration of InEvent software suite began, bringing check-in, access control, logistics and more into one single roof. The company grew 7x, hit its first 30,000 attendees and closed its two first Fortune 500 customers!

In 2017, InEvent started its Asian operations in India, deploying its full software suite during large corporate events. Is the technology provider of Latin America’s largest corporate event , with over 40,000 people, and also won its first major award. More than 500,000 attendees have used the platform, consolidating InEvent as the leader of event technology in Latin America with a solid 4x growth.

In 2018, InEvent introduced its new recurrent plans to its new subscription business. Events also now had support from a certified third party ecosystem as InEvent ceased to lease hardware and provide face to face support. InEvent has been selected the best startup in the world by the UK Tech Awards and reached its first 1 million users using the premier global event platform!

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