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In 2019, NowMore embarked on a journey as a moderation agency, fueled by a passion for fostering meaningful connections, to help clients create impactful discussions through events. As the pandemic swept across the globe, NowMore found itself at a crossroads. With in-person events becoming obsolete overnight, the team faced a pivotal decision: adapt or risk fading into obscurity.

With unwavering determination, they chose to go with online events. Driven by a deep-seated belief in the power of virtual gatherings, NowMore set out to redefine the landscape of event management. They recognized the immense potential of web series productions and the value they could bring to their clients.


Yet, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, one challenge loomed large: finding the right platform to bring their vision to life.

"For us, there are stressful things in organizing events. First of all, choosing the right platform that fits your needs in the market can be hard. Moreover, organizing online events can cause insecurity and it can be overwhelming. As an event organizer, you might have many concerns, like if people will join the session, if the sessions will be successful, if the users will face any technical issues, if the registration form is set properly, if people will engage, and more! None of these stresses happened with InEvent."

In a sea of options, NowMore discovered their perfect match in InEvent. For them, it is important to have a reliable platform that is very intuitive and user friendly. But also, having engaging features is essential to keep the audience's attention.

"InEvent stands out for some features like Q&A and polls - it is important because there is no better way for interactions than by making them be a part of the event, and is a way to address the questions they have and share their opinions and contribute with the pollings."


For NowMore, 3 pillars were very important in the process to select InEvent as a platform.

User friendly interface

Having an user friendly back end that allows an easy event set-up and features that are very organized and easy to use were essential in the decision making process.

Organized platform

NowMore’s clients needed for their participants to register to the event with minimal clicks without having tech issues.

"During the whole moment we used InEvent’s platform, the audience didn’t have any problem to register and join the event. We even shared our email address for them to contact in case of need and we didn’t get any message."

Customer Support

For them, InEvent really stands out for the customer support. The customer service was fast, helpful, and always ready to address their questions and concerns, which made everything run smoothly.

With that being said, part of NowMore’s strategy is partnering with a platform that can provide confidence and can guarantee a good participant experience. From registration to post-event communication, InEvent managed to provide the tools and support needed to deliver great web series’ experiences.


By hosting the web series, NowMore has integrated InEvent seamlessly in the clients’ workflow.

"Prior to the event, the platform user-friendly interface helps with the registrations and first set up. During the event, the platform plays an essential role in creating and engaging virtual environments, facilitating participant enrollments. In the post-events season, we really needed to have the analytics of the event to write the report to our clients, so they can have access to possible improvements for the events, and InEvent delivers that. Also, there are post-event communication features that are very easy to set up: post-event emails, for instance, and we can set it for people that attended, for the ones that registered but didn’t go, and specifically for attendees that they want to reach out to."

With more than 250 registrations to their events, NowMore manages to create satisfaction polls to sense the feelings and get feedback from the experience so the attendee experience can be leveraged over time. For each event, they always receive high rates.

"We are confident to say that the user-friendly platform really contributes to getting high grades since we never had a problem with attendees that couldn’t use the platform and they really enjoy using InEvent."

By hosting engaging online events with InEvent, NowMore experienced a transformative outcome that changed their approach to event management and elevated their success to new heights. InEvent provided NowMore with a comprehensive platform that streamlined every aspect of event coordination. From setting up registration pages to managing registrations and configuring networking tools, NowMore could efficiently execute their events with ease and precision.

They no longer had to worry about connectivity issues, session success, or participant-facing technical difficulties, allowing them to focus on delivering successful events without disruptions.

With InEvent's analytics capabilities, NowMore gained valuable insights into event performance and attendee behavior. They could generate detailed reports and analytics to assess event effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance future events.

Next Line of Action

For 2024, they want to keep the standards and the overall success they have with InEvent in their online web series.

"We are glad we chose a reliable and confident partner and platform for online events. On the tech side, it is really easy to navigate. Besides the customer support that is the number 1 benefit for us."

NowMore knows they have found a partner they can rely on—a partner that shares their commitment to excellence and innovation. For NowMore, the journey is far from over. With InEvent by their side, they stand ready to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead, confident in their ability to deliver exceptional experiences and make a lasting impact on the world of virtual gatherings.

Overall, NowMore's use of InEvent to host their online web series resulted in significant improvements in efficiency, participant experience, technical reliability, and stakeholder satisfaction. It empowered NowMore to overcome challenges, achieve their event goals, and maintain high standards of success in their online event endeavors.

  • InEvent profile for Vitomir Šalamon - Digital Engagement Officer
    InEvent was the right balance for our needs, for our expectations, for what we needed. Thanks to InEvent, our web series became more than just a series of events—it became a platform for meaningful connections, engaging discussions, and lasting impact. We couldn't be happier with our decision to partner with InEvent and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration in the future. Vitomir Šalamon - Digital Engagement Officer

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