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iSPARK Consulting is an agency based in Canada with expertise in transforming events, known for its creative genius and flawless execution. In 2020, like many agencies did, iSPARK had a range of clients worried and hesitant about turning to virtual events.

About iSPARK and the Online Education SymposiumAmong their clients, ABLE2 is a non-profit organization supporting people of all ages across the disability spectrum in Ottawa. They needed guidance for one of their most important events, the FASD Symposium.

The yearly event is Eastern Canada's largest annual gathering of the FASD community. Its core objectives are to support people with FASD alongside their families and provide professional development and education for people working with FASD. In 2021, the theme was 'Managing Challenging Behaviours in Children, Youth, and Adults with FASD.'


InEvent Challenges

As was the case for many event organizers, ABLE2 needed to redesign their event in 2021, making it 100% virtual for the first-ever time.

FASD Symposium Virtual EditioniSPARK, whom they entrusted to do so, looked for an innovative solution that would go beyond a simple webinar tool. They sought a platform allowing creativity for the organizers while being user-friendly and providing an educational and interactive experience for attendees.
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InEvent Outcome

Looking for a fitting solution, iSPARK, surveyed over a hundred event software platforms.

Then, they found the platform ticking all the boxes, easy-to-use for organizers and attendees, ramping up engagement, and enabling creativity for their client: InEvent.

  • Krista Benoit
     iSPARK has been able to provide a creative solution to virtual events that mimics the in-person experience by using the InEvent platform.Krista Benoit,
    President & CEO iSPARK Consulting
Above all, InEvent's Virtual Lobby delivered a visually appealing experience right from the moment attendees entered the virtual event.

The lobby, a white-label solution, allowed ABLE2 to customize the navigation experience and the event look & feel according to their specific needs and objectives.

About iSPARK and the Online Education SymposiumImportantly, InEvent's industry-leading team of support agents was highly responsive throughout the event planning process and on the event day, resolving technical doubts and difficulties from the organizers.

As a result, the first-ever virtual edition of the FASD Symposium not only met but surpassed expectations, impressing attendees and fulfilling its educational aim. It featured over 25 sessions, 33 speakers and presenters, and attracted over 450 attendees, 200% more than the previous in-person version of the event.


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