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Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform designed to help manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers succeed by fostering lasting relationships with customers who depend on them. Sana's differential resides in 3 pillars: customer convenience, reliability, and constant evolution.

About Sana B2B
Sana aimed to engage their customers and partners with its new e-commerce technology. Alongside that, they looked to generate new high-value leads through their annual summit, the B2B E-Commerce summit. InEvent was on hand to help them do so.


InEvent Challenges

Traditionally, the company had hosted multiple industry-focused events, including the B2B E-Commerce Summit, at their headquarters. However, the COVID-19 crisis posed significant business challenges to the organisation. As a result of the pandemic, they found themselves unable to host these events in-person.

Sana started by hosting webinar-type events to keep their target audience engaged - just like most of the organisations did. However, for their annual summit, they wanted to bring together customers and partners in a memorable occasion.

Sana B2B Challenges

Sana wanted to take it to another level. So, they needed to find a virtual event solution differing from a one-directional streaming, with interactive features to enhance the event experience for their attendees.

Sana B2B ChallengesAfter trying out several other platforms, Sana was also looking for a more user-friendly experience, with easy-to-use features which would support the smooth running and management of the event and boost the overall event experience for attendees.

Added to that, they needed a tool supporting over 700 live attendees and allowing the simultaneous streaming of over 25 sessions, a unique feature unavailable in many platforms.


InEvent stood out as the best all-in-one platform, featuring a dynamic Virtual Lobby where Sana could host simultaneous sessions covering different topics and where attendees could easily hop from one session to another according to their personal interests.

Sana B2B Challenges

Importantly, InEvent also provided a completely customizable on-brand email builder, which was crucial for Sana to reach attendees and set up a personalised event journey from the moment they signed up.

Sana B2B Challenges

Sana B2B Challenges
Also, InEvent's detailed and intuitive analytics dashboards enabled Sana to track and compare user engagement on each session, providing insights such as:

  • Unique live views
  • Average time spent
  • Comments
  • Polls answered
  • Email statistics (open-rates, click-through rates)
  • Overall event engagement numbers
Sana B2B Challenges
As a result, Sana had access to actionable insights for future events.

The virtual summit was a resounding success, attracting over 700 attendees, engaging Sana's customers and partners with its new products, and generating high quality leads. It included over 15 insightful sessions with industry leaders, covering the latest trends and technologies in the e-commerce industry, and providing practical information on how to succeed with B2B e-commerce.


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    Some solutions used for that event:

    Sana B2B
    Sana B2B
    Sana B2B

  • InEvent profile for Mark Gobel - Event Manager
    Thanks to InEvent we hosted the most successful event in Sana's history. Mark Gobel - Event Manager

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