Our SPAM policy

SPAM guidelines for your event and mailing lists

Our SPAM policy

InEvent seeks to obey all laws, both nationally and internationally, even if they are just acts of good faith and/or fair policies. Trust in our partners is very important to deliver a globally available solution.

InEvent is rigorous about spam. Spam is a plague that can heavily affect our delivery and bounce rate, so we have very clear policies on our system to lock accounts that do not follow our guidelines.


We are not allowed to send any type of spam mail. Our policy determines that any campaign that has a bounce rate of over 5% is considered abusive, which will be automatically blocked from our systems.

Also, spam complaints will be allowed to a limit of only 0.01% (1 in 10,000) emails to follow the guidelines of most ESM providers.

Examples of SPAM can be the following:

  • Buying an email list from the internet or any other channel.
  • Unsolicited commercial email messages sent in bulk, from a purchased (or stolen) list.
  • Misleading messages from people you know whose email accounts have been hacked.
  • Emailing people without their permission or collecting their emails without permission.

If you do any of those things or anything else that may be classified as spam, your account will be locked and will not be able to send any kind of email. That includes invitation emails, but also confirmation emails, system emails, password and magic link emails.

InEvent does not offer any type of reimbursement or refunds on accounts that have exceeded its spam rate.

Do not spam.

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