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Delivering a seamless and captivating user experience for an emerging business conference.


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Hallo is a first-rate language learning app leveraging social learning and cultural immersion to help people become fluent.

About Hallo and the Language SummitDeemed 'the future of language learning' by Forbes, the app provides learners with opportunities to join live English classes and practice speaking with certified English teachers and other students.

Since it operates in the fragmented language-learning, education, and edtech industries, Hallo sought to prop up its position as an emerging leader.

Yet, Hallo was frustrated at the industry's lack of quality conferences, struggling to find events where to form new partnerships and connections.

Recognizing that gap, Hallo decided to create an unprecedented event: the Language Summit.


InEvent Challenges

Hallo devised The Language Summit based on three pillars:

Hallo Challenge
However, Hallo didn't want the Language Summit to be 'just like any other conference'. They planned to put together an event that genuinely engaged attendees beyond passively watching.

So, they looked for a platform that would produce a visually captivating and engaging user experience. Importantly, Hallo also researched platforms effectively promoting connections and facilitating deals for partners.


InEvent Outcome

After weighing platform features and customer support, Hallo hosted the Language Summit on InEvent.Outcome Hallo

They would not regret it, as the event doubled the average attendance rate of webinars and outperformed other online conferences in the industry.

  • Ashley Whitesides
     InEvent helped us compete with well-established conferences in the industry.Ashley Whitesides
    Language Summit Director
InEvent's Virtual Lobby impressed attendees from the moment they entered the event and provided a seamless navigation experience.

Thanks to InEvent's full customization capabilities, Hallo brought the Summit's eye-catching branding to life. As a result, the event looked classy and felt personal, immersing the audience and encouraging them to connect with speakers and one another.

And, InEvent's exhibitor booths and detailed analytics equipped sponsors with valuable assets and delivered sponsorship ROI.

Overall, the event was an overwhelming success, delighting organizers, attendees, and partners alike. It surpassed the wildest expectations among attendees, led to improved and new partnerships, and brought valuable learnings to the Hallo community.


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