Virtual lobby for events

An all-in-one virtual lobby with a single-click access to breakout rooms and 1:1 meetings, and speed networking.

Create dynamic virtual interactions

InEvent’s state-of-the-art Virtual Lobby remodels your virtual events, webinars, virtual meetings, and training sessions into relishable experiences.

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Navigate through multiple live sessions on your screen

Easily Change rooms, join new sessions and chat groups with a click of a button, on the same dashboard, without delays in your mobile or desktop. Tweak your own custom branding, logos, colors, and even white-label layout.

Join breakout rooms and private 1:1 meetings with a single click

Streamline communication and enable group participation in breakout rooms that contain up to 100.000 participants and do not get wiped out once your live stream ends. Send meeting requests, schedule 1:1 calls, and start connecting with fellow attendees in a private video conversation.

Provide infinite networking opportunities before, during, and after sessions

Set your preferences and discover new contacts by company, role, and interests. Allow our genius speed networking tool to find a great match for you.

Your first-class engaging virtual experience

Go Beyond the traditional video conferencing experience and deliver an engaging and human experience with the InEvent Virtual Lobby.

All you need to make successful events

Secure access

Validate your attendee's registration with AICPA industry security policies.

White label

Personalize your virtual space with branded banner or sponsor logos for each session.

On demand content

Transform your live content into sessions attendees can watch on demand.

Analytics live

Generate reports with live video sessions, audience, bandwidth and more.

Speaker control

Set which speakers and guests can speak during your panel or live sessions.

Host control

Grant room, video, screensharing and audio control for your hosts.

Group chat

Build an interactive chat room with live messages from attendees.

Simulated live

Play a pre-recorded video as if it was live for your audience.

Custom RTMP

Connect your broadcast feed to a custom RTMP endpoint provided by us.

The complete platform for all your events

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