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YOURgb is a UK-based full-service event production agency that helps clients manage the implementation of marketing, PR, and technical operations for different events. The company strongly emphasizes user experience, including registrations, reminders, branding, and landing pages. They have used InEvent for global conferences for over a year, working with globally recognized legal and healthcare organizations across Asia, Europe, and North America.


YOURgb was introduced to InEvent when their CEO attended an event that used the event management platform.

"We were looking for a platform that could offer the interactivity we had before the pandemic compared to the video conferencing software out there. We wanted to move from just having a group call to having them create things like Landing Pages and manage the crew communication with reminder emails. Just have a platform that could offer the whole package - not only in terms of production but also in the viewer experience."

They moved to InEvent when clients began moving to a digital online presence, and there was a great demand for going back to in-person meetings and interactions. YOURgb was looking for interactivity, landing pages, and the ability to manage crew communication and focus on viewer experience. They explored an array of functionalities and integrations that could accommodate dial-ins, speakers, and in-person interaction elements.

With clients moving towards a digital online presence, YOURgb recognized the need to find a platform to accommodate dial-ins, speakers, and elements of in-person interaction. They were looking for interactivity, the ability to create landing pages and manage crew communication, such as email reminders. Moreover, they needed to focus on the viewer experience, providing content to attendees who could not attend and those who wished to review it later. They also wanted to capture data and feedback, using analytical tools of the platform and sharing the results with their clients.


YOURgb values the support they receive from the InEvent team, who help walk through the platform with clients, run the back-end, provide access to integrations, perform security checks, and answer any questions. They work with different clients and needs, but global interactivity is always necessary. The platform also offers international sign language and live transcription, making it accessible to many attendees.

"We've hosted a couple of events through 3 different time zones at one time where we had participants dialing in, and the InEvent platform has been great in terms of accommodating the user experience from different parts of the world, and giving them the same quality, like viewer interacting with speakers, having access to post-event content. It is great to know that we do have a platform that can support this and is very quick in giving support on technical aspects and in security checks."


YOURgb works with different clients and needs, with global interactivity being a significant necessity, particularly for events where attendees are present from 3-4 different time zones. InEvent's accessibility features, such as international sign language and live transcription, have been beneficial. They also offer accessibility to the same content regardless of where attendees are and provide different interactivity, integrations, and functions on-site. New elements can also be implemented on their plugins.

"The global interactivity is something that we found the platform really does support."

Using InEvent, YOURgb can create exceptional digital event experiences for its clients. After the event, YOURgb provides the content to attendees who couldn't attend the event and captures data and feedback through surveys. Using InEvent's analytical tools, they gather accurate data and share these numbers with clients, including session interactivity.

"We've been using the platform for several different global conferences, for legal corporations from Asia, Europe, and North America, so we have a very worldwide use of InEvent."

Embracing sustainability and accessibility

Clients are now considering sustainability, reducing waste and carbon emissions from travel. YOURgb's digital solutions have proved vital in meeting clients' sustainability goals.

InEvent has also made accessibility a priority, providing international sign language and live transcription features to ensure everyone can participate. The platform's ease of use has also been a significant factor in its success.

"One thing that is very important for us is to give accessibility to a lot of our viewers if they are on-site or accessing it remotely, we want everyone to have access to the same content and give feedback for the experience."

Next Line of Action

YOURgb recognizes the trend towards the future of hybrid events. Virtual events give access to people from around the world without the hassle of travel, while the demand for in-person meetings is still on the rise. Therefore, YOURgb is dedicated to finding a solution that combines the best of both worlds. By blending in-person interactions with the convenience of online tools through InEvent, YOURgb aims to provide a hybrid event experience that meets attendees' diverse needs and desires everywhere.

"Using the InEvent platform has been great - we’ve had feedback in terms of how user-friendly it’s been. It’s been very straightforward in terms of accessing - you click on your unique link, you get to the virtual lobby, you click on the agenda point, and you’re there, so yeah but it really helps them too. We have had really positive feedback in terms of that."

In conclusion, YOURgb's partnership with InEvent has enabled them to provide customized, high-quality event experiences for their clients worldwide. The platform's interactivity, integrations, and analytical tools have proven instrumental in capturing data and feedback and providing valuable insights to clients. Moreover, InEvent's sustainability and accessibility features have made them a leader in the event management industry. Like YOURgb, you too can successfully plan and deliver events for your global audience with InEvent. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for! Explore our pricing plans and grab our hands as we walk with you into the future of events.

  • InEvent profile for Maya Vuckovic, Senior Event Producer @ YOURgb
    The InEvent platform supports global interactivity. We've hosted events across many time zones, with participants from around the world, adjusting the program to match their specific region. InEvent accommodates user experience and provides the same quality of content and access to speakers, even post-event. It is reliable and quickly meets technical and security checks required by multinational clients. Maya Vuckovic, Senior Event Producer @ YOURgb

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