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5 key takeaways from InEvent Fest Pocket #1

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InEvent Fest Pocket reunited some of the best event industry professionals to share their expertise....

Diversity & Inclusion in events: 6 strategies to improve event planning

Views: 36000

Find out how you can integrate diversity and inclusion in your events planning. Sadly, many events are still lagging behind in...

How to design and host customer-centric events

Views: 21605

Learn the best practices to design and host customer-centric events. It´s impossible to prosper as a business neglecting...

Hybrid event analytics: evaluating data for virtual and in-person components

Views: 10099

Hybrid event analytics require a consistent approach from organizers to analyze and report data from virtual and in-person...

Accessible virtual events: best practices you can implement now

Views: 13002

Find out the best practices to plan accessible and inclusive virtual events...

How to build a captivating sponsorship proposal for virtual and hybrid events

Views: 19303

Find out how to create a sponsorship proposal that captivates sponsors to support virtual and hybrid events. ...

Eventland, the all-new global community for event professionals

Views: 8848

Eventland is a new community of creative, supportive, and outstanding event profs from all over the globe....

How the education sector is leveraging the power of virtual

Views: 11786

The COVID-19 pandemic upended the education sector, but institutions admirably adapted to these new virtual times. The COVID-19...

How to set up a virtual career fair worth attending

Views: 11527

Virtual career fairs enable organizations to reach candidates en masse and connect with the industry's best talents within a...

10 Trend Reports for 2022 that every marketer needs to see

Views: 10765

We gathered the best trend reports for every marketer to be prepared for 2022. Thinking of a strategy to survive in the market,...

Olympics, WEF and more: how large events are dealing with the pandemic in 2022

Views: 10398

Do you know how large events are dealing with the pandemic in 2021? It’s like a replay. With the second wave of COVID-19...

InEvent raises USD 2M to keep accelerating the event-tech market

Views: 10171

InEvent just received a USD 2 million investment from Storm Ventures, a VC company 100% focused on early-stage enterprise...

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