How end to end technology centralized dashboards and reports for ALAGEV annual customer conference.


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ALAGEV - Latin American Association of Travel and Corporate Events Managers is a multisectoral association which brings together the end customer, who are the companies through their travel and event manager, and all the productive supply chain, for travel and also events, with all the players focused on content development through papers, events and professional training for the market.

LACTE - Latin American Corporate Travel & Events Experience, is currently considered the largest event of Corporate Travel and Events in Latin America. On its 14th edition, the event hosts 1000+ attendees per year during a two day conference at the WTC Events Center.


InEvent Challenges

LACTE is a complex event due to its many ticket types, audience groups and purchase validation steps. Our main challenge here is to have a single environment, where accreditation, registrations and also the end reports have an unique management. Our biggest challenge was to get out of offline - to have a registration website and export a spreadsheet to the other environment to do the accreditation and then export a spreadsheet to another client to have the app - a lot ends up being lost due to the updates.

So when you have a tool that lets you have all your event management, in one single event software platform, with the click of a button, with updates, is our dream. When I want to know the status today I go there in the dashboard where I can have all this information - if I want to know something new, I can just login to a panel where I can have it without having to export a thousand different things. And end to end is our biggest challenge up to date.
Eduardo Murad, Executive Director at ALAGEV


  • InEvent Solutions

    Managing multiple corporate events on a single platform

    InEvent event registration solution allowed ALAGEV to operate freely through the event. Our event software and event app could be used in one single dashboard, gathering all data points and reports at a single event platform. This process was agile, quick, innovative and disruptive for a customer moving from offline processes to the cloud.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Providing effective access to events

    Each attendee received a unique and encrypted QR Code after approved by the event registration solution. They could access the QR Code on their event mobile app quickly and safely. For the benefit of recurring events organizers, from the moment attendees accessed any of the corporate events using the QR Code, their data were synchronized with the event platform and event app. This allowed the control of the number of attendees at the attendee management software powered by InEvent.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Improving communication with event attendees

    ALAGEV used InEvent event app for their corporate events. Thus, the event app was customized and named LACTE 14. While the event app sections contained basic informations, such as event agenda and general information, others sections on the event mobile app provided flights, itineraries and QR Codes.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Engaging live gamifications at the arena

    Most of the corporate events held by ALAGEV developed their communication through the event app. A game was created using event software and attendee management software powered by InEvent. Texts, images, videos, files, and presentations could be shared on the website and used as assets for the various tasks available on the game. Therefore, whenever event organizers updated the event software, the website was automatically updated too.

  • InEvent profile for Eduardo Murad, Executive Director at ALAGEV
    We wanted to implement a simple process that the attendee did not realize that behind a single tool we could provide him a unique experience of registration, online website navigation and accreditation. The QR code, for instance, worked super well and they did understand that ALAGEV is really implementing new things. Formerly there was a badge already printed for everyone of the event - thinking up on the issue of environmental impact, we had really much waste generated from printing before. So even in that issue they perceived innovation; the QR Code printing was well received and was new process they enjoyed very much. The whole experience was new and very nice. Eduardo Murad, Executive Director at ALAGEV
  • InEvent profile for Giovana Jannuzzelli, Manager at ALAGEV
    We started to work on the platform months before the event happened. The initial interaction between InEvent, our production agency and us here at ALAGEV was very important. This initial interaction has the purpose of being able to design the event, understand everything that the platform can offer and based on that input establish everything that the partner can offer us before, during and after the event. Today when you talk about traceability after an event with more than a thousand participants, we have all the data, all the information, all the participants, all who were present but also in the pre-event we knew those who had entered or had not completed the registrations and we could have a proactive action of engaging with this future participant that for some reason did not complete the registration and did not follow with his event registration. Giovana Jannuzzelli, Manager at ALAGEV

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