Why InEvent is better than Hopin?

InEvent is the most powerful event software in the market for event profs looking to go beyond what Hopin can offer. Start free now and see it for yourself.

InEvent vs Hopin

InEvent is the perfect solution for bigger companies organizing multiple events per year. Serving both in-person and virtual events, InEvent’s self-service software empowers you to scale your event-based marketing programs across your teams by customizing each event to its specific goals and requirements. InEvent’s global partner network allows you to get the specialized support you need for each event.

Go Beyond Event Management with InEvent

Your event management process will never be the same without InEvent, a software that provides a white-label user-friendly platform that features solutions to help you in every aspect of your event.

Don’t you feel like planning an event should not be a very difficult thing to do? We are here to help you materialize your visions and promote the most professional events and virtual interactions you could dream of.

You can use InEvent to build the entire marketing communication of your event, centralize every segmentation of your attendants, promote live brand activations and build all sorts of virtual interactions to maximize engagement with your audience.

With InEvent, you will go beyond with your events. You can print badges or use NFC scanners for your attendees and sponsors to maximize lead generation and touchless interactions throughout a venue. Reach out to a broader audience with our audio interpretation and sign-language language channels. Centralize flight and accommodation information as well as social media profiles and media gallery from your attendees. Deploy custom forms to ease registration, invitation, ticket sales, waitlists and better manage your attendees with a complete custom mobile app.

InEvent Lucca Seigne

An important point of InEvent was their project management: they did it together with us, the support. So they set clear dates that we had to deliver some solution, some idea, and they would also bring back ideas, suggestions and results. So all that joint effort in terms of project management and support made us come up with a final result that was really good.

Lucca Seigne, Research and Quality Analyst at XP Investments

Why professionals love InEvent?



Event creation


Mobile check in


Hotel and transportation planning


Multiple event management


API / integrations


Lead generation and retrieval


Event marketing


Email automation


Attendee networking


Built-in webcasting


Retrieved from a software review platform in Dec 16, 2022


Attendee Analysis

Leveraging InEvent's granular data analytics, exploring attendees´ event journeys, and generating post-event reports.

Multi-language Customer Service

InEvent has personalized customer service for your event, with support agents at hand to help you 24/7. In addition, InEvent offers customer service in more than five languages to guide you through the platform.

Custom White Label Event App

Using InEvent's app feature, build a completely white-label app for your event. That way, you can offer attendees an event environment aligned with your brand's visual identity.

Multiple Audio Channels

InEvent has accessibility tools ideal for those who want to deliver a global event. Using the audio channels feature, every attendee can select their language of choice.

Sign Language Channels

Using this InEvent feature, you can provide sign language interpretation of your event to those who need it.

Real-Time Transcriptions

With InEvent, event attendees can access transcription for live streams. This feature can make your event more inclusive, helping non-native speakers and hard-of-hearing attendees.

Budgeting and Forecasting

InEvent provides this feature that allows organizing the budget and expenses for the event. With it, it is possible to control costs and enter spreadsheets into the tool.

Let your Event Management Go Beyond and deliver the best experience like never before with InEvent.

The complete platform for all your events

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