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InEvent Cases

The Canadian Society of Echocardiography (CSE), a non-profit organization of cardiovascular professionals, strives to deliver quality echocardiographic services across Canada.


InEvent Challenges

Every year, the CSE hosts an in-person conference called the Annual Echo Weekend. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization decided to cancel its annual two-day conference and go virtual.

As this conference focuses on sharing knowledge with cardiovascular professionals, the CSE required a platform that could host a conference using primarily high-definition (HD) videos submitted by their speakers.

The Solution

As the focus of the Annual Echo Weekend is education and shared knowledge, InEvent offered a platform that allowed its attendees to engage through chat and polling features provided on the platform.

According to Dr. Chi-Ming Chow, former president of the CSE they needed to, “Pivot into a more multi-dimensional meeting”, which is what they found at InEvent.

Canadian Society of Echocardiography Event
CSEs multi-activity event on the InEvent platform

In the process, Dr. Chow analyzed 20 different platforms and narrowed down his selection to five platforms based on their pricing model and platform capabilities. As Dr. Chow knew that most of the conference would need to feature high-definition video content, coupled with hundreds of attendees using the platform at the same time, he conducted an interview with his top 3 selection to discuss the details of the platforms and have a better understanding of what each platform was able to offer.

Dr. Chow found that many platforms were quite linear as they required attendees to simply log in and watch virtual events, while InEvent was able to offer a highly interactive experience instead. Other platforms mainly worked for events on a smaller scale, with fewer attendees and sessions. In this case, InEvent was able to offer a multi-activity event over a few days.

InEvent provided the CSE with the high-definition audiovisual experience that they were looking for and more with the 3D virtual exhibit hall and interactive sponsor booths, giving attendees even more opportunities to engage with additional resources and activities.

CSEs multi-activity event on the InEvent platform
CSEs virtual exhibit hall


InEvent Outcome

With InEvent, the CSE created an engaging virtual experience with vertical and horizontal communication throughout the conference. Going virtual did not compromise the expected interactions that attendees had grown accustomed to, going virtual gave attendees and speakers even more opportunities to seamlessly interact directly with one another throughout different sessions of the event.

InEvent’s virtual event platform gave CSE insight into attendees’ behavior. With live analytics, CSE event organizers could track how many people attended each session and for how long.

Canadian Society of Echocardiography Event

With hundreds of echocardiographic professionals gathered to share knowledge at the Annual Echo Weekend, the CSE needed the best audiovisual experience to showcase their findings virtually and keep their audience engaged.

Canadian Society of Echocardiography Event

Together with SW Event Technology in Vancouver and InEvent, the CSE was able to treat their audience of about 1000 attendees to a new experience of virtual conferences, elevating it to the next level with advanced audiovisual technology.

Why CSE Loves InEvent

Dr. Chow describes InEvent as: “conferencing organization software” for its 360 event experience. With InEvent, event registration management is included, which means there is no need for additional software to manage and communicate with attendees, allowing event organizers the ease of organizing virtual events efficiently.

Canadian Society of Echocardiography Event


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