Event marketing technology

Stop using outdated tools and start using digital technologies on the cloud

CRM technology

Event marketing technology

Keep a good record of information on your brand new CRM using leading event marketing technology. With the InEvent platform you can start using a complete system or pull information from your other CRMs from day one!

  • Out of the box integrations speed up your implementation process and deliver results quicker.
  • Access to mobile and desktop applications allow you to use the best tools for the job.
  • Updates are delivered on the cloud so you get the best of new event technologies and don't to worry about external threats or viruses.
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Interactive technologies

Interactive technologies

Just as important is to entertain your attendee with event marketing technology used by leading companies in the world.

  • Our platform works with Internet of things, Big data, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence so you can use them without any technical knowledge. You just plug and play!
  • Technologies also help you get rid of old and outdated paperwork you no longer need, by using forms, websites and workflows prepared inside the InEvent platform. Be digital and offer a new experience for your attendee!
  • Experiences for your attendee can be created using gamification with missions and goals plus an extra dose of surprise using our launch tool for agencies! These experiences are ready on the platform and are very visual to create and build.
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