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InEvent is the all-inclusive solution for event organizers that want to Go Beyond Zoom. From event marketing & registration, to virtual event engagement and networking, to better data analytics and customization capabilities, InEvent is the subscription that exceeds your goals and objectives.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby
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When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, you started using Zoom for work meetings and webinars. It was a simple solution and quick fix that worked well for a short while.

But soon enough, you were looking to integrate solutions for better event marketing, registration, and CRM. You also needed to purchase products to boost engagement and networking. And, you wanted a white-label solution that could be customizable with your brand identity and deliver better data analytics on attendees.

Implementing different plugins and coding tweaks for each new requirement is ineffective, as you end up with a maze of software you have to update and cannot scale your events according to your requirements.

In that context, InEvent is the perfect all-in-one subscription for you. Integrating hundreds of features and a global network of service providers, InEvent is your one-stop subscription for managing, marketing, and monetizing any professional event.

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Virtual Lobby
Multiple meetings in real-time
Multiple events at the same time
Personalized agenda
1:1 video networking
Flexible video modes
Brand your event
Networking rooms
Works on the web
Detailed reporting
Text and audio accessibility
Sign Language support
Custom white-label event app
Hybrid event management
Global service provider network
Self-service customizations
Attendance Tracking
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Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Virtual Lobby

Have an online environment that can broadcast your event in the best way possible. With InEvent's Virtual Lobby, it is possible to have the agenda, useful links, sponsor space, group rooms, on-demand sessions, all in one place.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Works on the web

You don't need to download any app to be part of events in InEvent's platform. Our software works 100% on the website, so it's easy to guarantee a better connection and experience for your attendees.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

1:1 Video Networking

Give the possibility for your team to have 1:1 meetings with different people from the company. With this feature, any person of your event can easily contact another attendee by message or video call, enabling more professional connections.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Attendees Journey

With InEvent, it's possible to explore attendees’ journeys, have detailed analyses and automated reports of the event. Do you want to know who is in the general meeting or how much time they spend in the onboarding meeting? With InEvent it's possible!

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Attendance Tracking

Do you want to be sure if your employees are watching the sessions they should? With the attendance tracking tool a pop-up will show up randomly asking if your attendee is still watching it, and on our platform, you can have this proof of attendance with a report about who was paying attention in your video conference.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Website Builder and Email Composer

With InEvent, you can build your event website, landing pages and compose emails, and the best part is that it is a white label product, meaning that it will only contain your brand's identity.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Sign Language Channel

With this InEvent feature, it is possible to provide sign language interpretation of your event to those who need it.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Real-Time Transcription

With InEvent, your event attendees can have access to transcription for live streams. This feature can help your event be more inclusive, accessible and diverse.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Hybrid Workplace Management

For mixed events, besides the video-first software solution, InEvent also has professional features to connect your video and in-person technologies, with an omnichannel experience, with badge printing, travel logistics and mobile apps.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Global Service Provider Network

InEvent provides a marketplace with many tools to create personalized events on the platform. With EventMarket, it is possible to find certified partners to help with hardware, production studios, virtual reality, and much more.

Go Beyond Virtual Lobby

Team Engagement

Embrace the future of work, enabling employees to get great TV like experiences, at their home, every day, for every meeting. Take a step further and retain employees by enabling them everywhere with InEvent Live Studio and true Full HD video broadcast solutions.

Embrace the future of global work and choose a platform that goes beyond to power up your video conferences, workspace, and virtual or hybrid events. Your organization's events deserve better!

Ready to Go Beyond Zoom with InEvent?

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