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Hologic, Inc. is an innovative medical technology company primarily focused on improving women's health and well-being through early detection and treatment. The company has more than 6.300 employees serving clients in more than 21 countries. The company experience centers provide comprehensive education on Hologic’s technologies, for both customers and employees.

Constantly, they promote new training methodologies and breakthrough resources. Thus, new technologies are a key for their event management.


InEvent Challenges

When Hologic contacted InEvent they had a wishlist in mind. They needed to work with accreditation easily and wanted to improve their event management.

Hologic was still using spreadsheets to control information and an in-house platform to deliver the customer experience of booking a training session, which made controling the whole process not so seamlessly.

They required data and reports per quarter, to see which training sessions were attracting the most people to sign up. The InEvent platform would allow them to consolidate the whole process in one platform.


  • InEvent Solutions

    Landing Page for registration

    Hologic builds the Landing page to market their trainings and allow for quick registration using the InEvent website builder. When a person is registered through the landing page, the trainee is added to a waitlist, awaiting Hologics approval. Once approved the trainee automatically receives a confirmation email with all the details of the training and a personalised QR Code for access to the event.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Encrypted QR Code

    In Hologic’s event, each attendee received a personal and non-transferable QR Code generated through the platform. By downloading the InEvent live app on tablets it allowed Hologic to perform badge printing at the point of entry to the experience centre. The trainee swipes their QR Code over the tablet and prints their details onto the badge within seconds.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Calendar for rooms

    Within InEvent calendar, events can be filtered by date, number of attendees, templates and more. To control their trainings, Hologic uses the places calendar. The places calendar gives them an overlook of each training on a monthly calendar view, showing the location, times and dates. They can manage this calendar with a drag and drop solution, allowing them to move the training into different locations and different time and date slots.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Reports per template type

    The company have templates set up which act as departments - so when each department creates a training, they use their own template. Using custom reports Hologic could then see how many trainees sign up for each departments training sessions, working out the most valuable and which sessions are not so popular. As expected, Hologic has streamlined the event management process with the support of digital transformation.

  • InEvent profile for Veerle Dierynck, Director Technical Support Hologic EMEAC, Site Leader Belgium
    Hologic Experience Center is bringing knowledge to life. It is an imperative as a medical device company that we continue to improve our knowledge and skills, as well as the skills and knowledge of our partners and customers.

    It is really about how you keep the experience at a wow level continuously. Everytime people visit and get blown away, the question is: how do we keep on doing this, constantly raising that bar?

    It’s not a challenge. It’s an obligation to train our people to the best they can be.

    It’s here that we can live our purpose to enable healthier lives everywhere and everyday. It’s here we can live our promise to bring the science of sure to life by helping healthcare professionals worldwide, minimize doubt and maximize the confidence they have in their decision and diagnosis.

    It is here our purpose, promise and passion come alive.
    Veerle Dierynck, Director Technical Support Hologic EMEAC, Site Leader Belgium
  • InEvent profile for Liesbeth Lowet, Manager, Hologic Learning & Experience Centre
    With the growing demands of meetings and trainings, there was the absolute need to use an all-in-one tool, streamlining the different demands. The tool allows us to maximize the utilization of the different rooms and people using those.

    And so far, it’s way beyond expectations, and it’s far more utilized than we had ever expected. We’ve had over 3,000 visitors over the last eight months, hosting evening events and we are being used as a blueprint for similar operations for the rest of the world.

    It’s about the environment. It needs to be corporate and professional, but at the same time you want it to be a place where people get energized and happy to come.

    We have people arriving here everyday. And we want them to be proud and inspired by the place. So we can be globally accepted as a place to show internal and external partners the best Hologic could be.
    Liesbeth Lowet, Manager, Hologic Learning & Experience Centre
  • InEvent profile for Melissa Robyn, Training Coordinator, Hologic EMEA
    The training and support went really smooth. They have answered every single question. They generally want to hear our opinions and listen to our needs.

    It’s an entire begin to end process. And with InEvent, we don’t need to use different platforms to launch a big event.

    While using the platform each time, each time we’re struggling with something, they immediately take action and looking tok the best way to solve it. We really value our cooperation a lot.

    On one hand, we can deliver the customer expectation of today’s effortless journey and experiences of a state of the art center. And on the other hand, we’re creating capacities through innovation.
    Melissa Robyn, Training Coordinator, Hologic EMEA

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