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Pharmaceutical giant Libbs partnered with InEvent to transform its main convention into a digital and interactive experience.


InEvent Cases

Pharmaceutical industry Libbs has 60 years of history and 2500 employees. In 2018, the 7th Libbs Convention was held for a thousand business employees. The sales convention lasted 14 days in Punta Cana at Barceló Bávaro Palace and was divided into two weeks: the first week was focused on its district managers and leaders, and the last on the whole team.


InEvent Challenges

  • Ensure that each of the 1200 attendees had access to the 1850 activities and would choose which activities they would attend at the event;
  • Ensure that each attendee's agenda was completed at least two weeks prior to the event;
  • Ensure that everyone was present in their sessions at its corresponding time;
  • Limit specific areas and professionals access to agendas from their sectors;
  • Notify anyone who did not fill their agenda through an algorithm - artificial intelligence - to check who had not filled the agenda on time;
  • Decrease the technical support team size and increase event organizers autonomy;
  • Manage the event in a single platform with autonomy and individual attendee tracking;
  • Engage attendees with communication initiatives before and during the event;
  • Allocate attendees rooms with details such as name, description, capacity and guests;
  • Send information about hosting, location and timetables individually;
  • Communicate in a general, segmented and exclusive way so that each attendee would know how to arrive at the event, how would their stay be and any transfer details;
  • Make available details of each attendee flights, indicating departure time, arrival time, origin and destination airports, flight number and other details;


  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Start - Schedule management

    All employees were imported into the InEvent platform, which allowed a complete management of the attendee contact base in a segmented and personalized way. Each employee was added to multiple clusters which he/she belonged to, so hundreds of clusters were created to match hundreds of employees at the event.

    Each cluster was a list of people with access to some sessions at the main schedule. Each cluster also had specific rules, so attendees could not enroll on multiple concurrent sessions or skip required sessions. Management had a general view of the platform schedule as also a individual view of each attendee's schedule.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Hospitality

    Logistics, itineraries and hotel rooms were simplified with InEvent Hospitality. Information on lodging, location and timetables could be monitored individually with a mobile phone. The allocation of each room was entirely automated by the agency supporting staff.

    Each attendee flight information was detailed with schedules, arrivals and departures, including flight status. By centralizing all hospitality information and personal data such as travel insurance, passport or special notes in the InEvent app, management could have complete control over the attendees premium experience.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Live App

    All communication occurred through the event app: from the schedule to pre-event information, to the issuance of vouchers for each attendee individual itinerary, flight number and accommodation. Engagement initiatives were made possible with a corporate news feed and segmented push notifications.

    Schedules could be accessed offline without internet or wifi connection. Prior to the event begin, schedules were built based on an artificial intelligence algorithm built for Libbs. Segmented lists limited employees from a given cluster from accessing information of other clusters.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Pass

    During the convention, InEvent was present to support Libbs operations. Some sessions used the system for accreditation and access control, while others relied on previously scheduled session mapping.

    Prior to the convention, Libbs' internal teams received training on how to use the event management platform. Powered by IoT technologies, the entrance access control was synchronized with InEvent software to follow all attendee activities in real time.





  • InEvent profile for Rafael Feo - IT Architect at Libbs
    I wanted to tell you a bit about my experience working with InEvent. Since the beginning we were engaged, we realized that they were within the project - it was not just another customer / supplier relationship. We have been able to create an environment and a very fruitful work atmosphere. And this reflected here in the convention with the surveys we collected; with 100% platform approval. So I just got compliments from the whole team. Rafael Feo - IT Architect at Libbs
  • InEvent profile for Glenda Borges Madeira de Souza - Systems Coordinator at Libbs
    I think the main point we had was the partnership with InEvent from the beginning. Being able to work not as a customer / supplier, but as a unique team that brings success to the project and the success to the convention - and still have the customer service team available here to solve what was needed. Not necessarily developing but understanding the problems and seeking the solutions. This was critical to our success! Glenda Borges Madeira de Souza - Systems Coordinator at Libbs
  • InEvent profile for Giovanna Paula Silva Martins - Learning and Change Coordinator at Libbs
    What I liked the most about the tool is that now the tool has been pretty much in our hands - the updates, all in real time. The tool we had in the past required all changes to be passed on to the supplier. Not anymore - we were able to update in real time and without relying on Internet connectivity. Feedback from attendees were very positive. Giovanna Paula Silva Martins - Learning and Change Coordinator at Libbs
  • InEvent profile for Lucas Katsui Utsunomia - Systems Analyst at Libbs
    We used InEvent tool for our 2018 convention - a tool that brought us several benefits, several improvements, especially in building the agenda to organize activities, groups and allocate people. It also helped us with logistics, where each attendee had access to flight information in a very easy and clear way. This year was very good - got only compliments from the staff and it was great to work with you (InEvent). Thank you! Lucas Katsui Utsunomia - Systems Analyst at Libbs
  • InEvent profile for Gabriela Amalia Pinheiro - Event Producer at Libbs
    This year we had the opportunity to use the InEvent platform - it's an excellent platform for events. We were able to reconcile the whole agenda, all the logistics - information that we could not work with in an organized way, we managed to centralize with this app. It has several functionalities, the support staff of InEvent was helpful all the time. (...) The system is very practical very didactic. Gabriela Amalia Pinheiro - Event Producer at Libbs

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