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Online Registration

With our simple to use online registration system you can process thousands of registrations quickly, efficiently and compliant with your business requirements.

  • Your events can be open, protected by password, invitation-only, paid, visible by url only or completely private.
  • Each of your attendee types can have a specific registration for them, so you can enroll multiple registration forms at the same time.
  • Your collected registration data can come with one page or multiple pages for complex registrations.
  • Integration with API's allow you to process secure data before validating a registration or information provided, including dates, photos, images, files, etc.
Online Registration

What if my event is invite-only?

You can create a private list with your guests email addresses. Our CRM solution allows your online registrations to be secure and match the exact email address used by each guest.

  • Your invitations can be pre-populated with your guest data so they don't have to type the same information twice.
  • Access can be mobile and guests may confirm their information with a single click.

Can I have waitlists?


Yes, you can. With waitlists you can validate every registration before it gets approved into the event. Waitlists can be used in combination with other tools to make the event workflow even more powerful, such that you review before confirming each online registration.

Can we have paid tickets too?


You can. You can sell your tickets using your preferred gateway and receive the money directly in your account. InEvent payment solutions are PCI compliant and can sell worldwide in multiple currencies. This model allows you to manage and negotiate special fees directly with your payment vendor.

  • Paid ticketing solutions are white label.
  • You can sell at scale in multiple currencies.
  • You can limit the inventory for tickets or volume per person.
  • You can create VIP and custom lists to purchase private tickets.
  • You can provide discounts for specific criteria, such as buy 5 get one free!

Do you have a solution for complex events?

Complex online registration

Complex events often have many delegations coming in from multiple countries. InEvent ticket manager can provide the main delegate with access to limited amount of registrations, which can be filled by authorized users only.

Delegates can manage their registrations at their attendee center, where he can track pending registrations, approved registrations, open registrations and rejected registrations. The delegate can also choose to upload a spreadsheet with attendee data to speed the process.


Can these tools be used together?

Yes, InEvent online registration solutions can be used together to create multiple paths, so you can have, for example, private events with password and waitlists. Our sales representative will be able to create your exact flow with you during the demo call.

How is the pricing model?

InEvent pricing model is very simple, as we only charge per registration. No additional hidden fees such as installation, configuration or maintenance fees.

Can I process payments onsite?

Yes, you can. Using our manual payment option you can charge your customers using your POS solution and insert your payments at the same time on the event platform.

Which gateways do your support for paid events?

InEvent offers multiple integrations with providers at different countries, including Paypal and Stripe. You can find our full list of integrations and see if your preferred gateway is covered.

Do you also have mobile native online registrations?

Yes, InEvent is an integrated platform and our offering can also include your branded App. You can explore more details at our Live App section.

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