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An opportunity for your agency to bring digital to your customers

Why should you become an InEvent partner?

InEvent, a global platform for event management, can help agencies with current up to date digital standards which are shaping the digital revolution. InEvent goal, to bring digital for events, can be part for your agency digital offering, leveraging more profitability and success for your customer and events.

With millions of attendees across thousands of events, InEvent software has already successfully delivered many personal experiences throughout its journey.

Premium Incentives & Benefits


Generate higher commissions then traditional deals based on the performance of your agency.

Priority support

Access our customer success team to ask specific questions, receive additional training and join events exclusive for our partners.

Event management platform

Simplify your customer event management with innovative globally awarded event marketing technology.

API access

Develop integrations and new layouts using our advanced systems so you can customize the final experience for your customer.

Aggregated value

Special pricing for our high volume customers who use our recurrent platform for multiple events and conferences all around the year.

No hidden fees

Join our partner program to receive your free certification, partner listing on our website and access to exclusive live events.

Successful partners

  • Proven digital expertise shared with leading live marketing agencies.
  • Use of disruptive and innovative technologies for large clients in the corporate segment.
  • Accomplishment of projects with optimal final customer satisfaction.
  • Continuous use of software to create a great live marketing experience.
Experience Tomorrow XP Investments

Experience Tomorrow XP Investments

XP Investments and InEvent partnership brings more technology and digital experiences to its private corporate event held at Four Seasons Hotel in Miami.

Santander Annual Meeting

Santander Annual Meeting

How InEvent & Santander created a digital experience at the largest corporate event in the Americas.

One System Conference

One System Conference

Held annually in India, the event proposed the reunion of its global leaders of Coca-Cola Asia to unite, act and grow into a single system.

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