Baptie & Co.'s Secret To Engaging Virtual Events

How Baptie & Co, a community-building organization for professionals, has been successfully hosting recurrent events for three years.


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Baptie & Company organizes virtual events to keep professionals updated on best practices, provide networking opportunities, and foster lasting connections within the industry. Their events focus on various themes, including annual events, women's leadership events, and panel discussions, with a particular emphasis on promoting women in the industry. As Baptie & Co's Head of Marketing, it's up to Madeline to lead her unstoppable team to engage audiences, bolster brand awareness, and create an unforgettable experience for customers and prospects.


For Madeline and the team, the aim is to deliver high-quality content and networking opportunities to their community members, enabling them to make better business decisions, gain inspiration, and develop professionally. The key challenges faced by Baptie & Co. include creating a seamless speaker experience, facilitating effective networking, and ensuring overall attendee satisfaction in virtual events.

Technical Set-Up and Backend Management

"For virtual events, we used to spend a lot of time in the backend setting everything up."

Before discovering InEvent, the team at Baptie & Co. knew they were in need of a more intuitive, all-in-one event management platform that houses everything from onboarding speakers to creating the event agenda and even adding attendees to the platform. They needed a more efficient way to get attendees registered, allowing them to network, visit sponsor booths and engage with one another long before the event began.

Speaker Experience and Engagement

When Madeline and the team at Baptie & Co. prioritized giving their speakers a stress-free experience, they anticipated other challenges. They also needed a platform that let their speakers easily access sessions, engage with the audience, and join other sessions as attendees. On top of that, they wanted to create a virtual event environment that felt just like being in person. It was all about enhancing interaction and conversation between attendees.

Sponsor Interaction and Retention

In need of something epic to encourage those valuable community-led conversations, Madeline looked for a pandemic-proof answer. Baptie & Co. aimed to grant sponsors a meaningful presence at their virtual events and sought a platform to enable them to deliver. The platform needed to offer designated sponsor rooms, enabling attendees to visit sponsor booths, access valuable documents, and initiate conversations with sponsors. In addition, it was crucial to deliver comprehensive post-event reports to sponsors. This would include attendance rates and engagement metrics, allowing them to evaluate and maximize ROI.


The challenges mentioned convinced Madeline and the Baptie & Co. team that InEvent was the platform for them — and the two came together to make recurring virtual events that gain more sponsorships and achieve a significant ROI .

InEvent offered Baptie & Co. a user-friendly platform facilitating the speakers experience . With a single link for accessing their sessions and other event sessions, speakers found it easy to navigate the platform. Additionally, InEvent provided pre-event dry-run sessions to familiarize speakers with the platform, ensuring seamless audio, video, and overall session delivery.

The networking features were instrumental in fostering attendee engagement. The platform facilitated real-time interaction, allowing attendees to chat, conduct video calls, and collaborate during sessions and breaks. Here's what Madeline had to say about it:

"It was also great to see how the networking features were actually used, we could see who is chatting with who and know how popular which of the features were."

Attendees could easily initiate conversations and connect with industry peers, recreating the in-person networking experience virtually. The chat feature proved particularly popular, enabling ongoing discussions even after sessions concluded.

"The biggest strategy we have with events is to make sure the content is relevant, that the speakers are delivering what the attendees need to hear, and to give an overall great experience in the events. With InEvent, it is super easy because of the networking opportunities the platform delivers and having the interaction chat/polling/quizzes during the sessions."

Another spectacular win for Baptie & Co.'s virtual events was getting more sponsors thanks to the InEvent sponsor booth capabilities. Not only could sponsors showcase their offerings, but attendees could also access sponsor booths, explore documents and connect with sponsors directly. The platform's design created an effective way for sponsors to engage and gave attendees a comprehensive view of products and services.

What's more? InEvent's post-event reporting feature provided sponsors with valuable insights. They were able to track attendance rates and booth visits to help measure event success and plan their future sponsorship opportunities more strategically.


Baptie & Co. received positive feedback from speakers, attendees, and sponsors regarding the ease of using the InEvent platform. The integrated speaker experience, interactive networking, and engaging sessions contributed to the attendees' satisfaction. Madeline says:

"They don't even want to leave the platform because there is so much to do between just watching the live sessions."

"The sponsors also gave great feedback to us. They loved having their sponsor booths available for attendees right away in the virtual lobby, where the links are all there, and the attendees can click there and visit them. They liked to be able to add their documents there, too, so the attendees could download that to review later. They also liked that the attendees can reach out to them easily and find more about their offering."

InEvent's user-friendly interface and responsive customer support played a crucial role in managing events smoothly.

"We get so many great reactions from our audience. A majority of them are within the event industry, so they know a lot about event tech platforms, but they cheer InEvent because they think it is such an easy platform, and they really like to interact with each other using the platform."

InEvent's extensive analytics and reporting capabilities have been impactful for Baptie & Co. in measuring event success. Beyond traditional metrics, such as attendance rates, Baptie & Co. could now track attendee engagement and analyze networking patterns, enabling them to measure return on investment effectively. Moreover, with on-demand sessions and virtual rooms, attendees could resurface valuable content and divert FOMO, making attendance at the event even more meaningful.

"At this point, InEvent has been fantastic because it is so easy to use, and we have the Success Manager that is very helpful, answers all the questions, and we can also count on the chat customer support."

Great events don't usually just happen - they are made possible by incredible work behind the scenes by some fantastic folks. It was a pleasure to hear that for Baptie & Co., the InEvent platform was a true game-changer. Our user-friendly interface and responsive customer support helped manage events smoothly while speakers and attendees raved about the seamless experience, networking opportunities, and engaging sessions.

"It was very easy to pull together all the analytics because we didn’t have to, InEvent did it for us. So it was very good to just do a simple download on the analytics and attendance rates; it was also great to see how the networking features were actually used, we could see who is chatting with who and know how popular which of the features were."

Next Line of Action

Looking into the future, Baptie & Co. intends to continue its successful partnership with InEvent and to host two to three virtual events annually. Building upon their focus on women in the tech industry, Baptie & Co. will organize annual events centered around women's leadership. They also aim to expand their panel discussions and invite influential guests to enrich the content and knowledge shared during virtual events. By leveraging InEvent's innovative features and ongoing enhancements, Baptie & Co. is committed to consistently delivering exceptional virtual event experiences for their community members.

By leveraging InEvent's all-in-one platform, extensive networking features, and robust engagement tools, Baptie & Co. strategically secured event sponsorships, effectively generating revenue from their sponsors. They capitalized on their investment in us to maximize returns and delivered valuable content, fostered meaningful connections, and motivated professionals within the tech channel sales industry

Ready to achieve the same results as Baptie & Co.? Get in touch with us now to show you the ropes of using InEvent to meet your business objectives Be proactive like Baptie & Co. by subscribing to a plan enabling you to host multiple events throughout the year at affordable prices.

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    For us, InEvent has been so helpful in helping deliver a smooth and engaging experience for all of our attendees at our virtual events. We really enjoy that InEvent has so many interactive features, and we are always adding new features. There is always something new to explore and to engage the attendees year after year. Madeline Frank, Marketing Manager @ Baptie & Co.

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