20th Annual Healthcare Summit

Empowering the first immersive 3D environment for a leading healthcare summit.


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SW Event Technology is an industry leader in event audio visual services, based in Canada. SW is renowned for cutting-edge event technology services, supporting large corporate conferences and trade shows with world-class sound systems and high-quality LED screens.

In October 2020, SW was tasked by Reboot Communications with a formidable challenge: setting up a virtual event environment to host one of their largest events, the Annual Healthcare Summit.

This annual event - that Reboot has been organizing since 2000 - brings together senior policy makers, healthcare officials and the private sector to tackle the major issues in healthcare.

For its 20th edition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reboot had to pivot to virtual and hybrid events. But, the company sought to maintain the high-quality standard set throughout its history.

In short, they wanted the event to be nothing like a Zoom meeting.



InEvent Challenges

In that light, SW planned to provide a broadcast with a panel of industry experts. However, they wanted to offer something beyond a simple live streaming. They were looking to host the event in a platform that would embed information about the speakers and sponsors.

Most importantly, SW aimed to offer an exceptional event experience. So, they needed a virtual event platform that would replicate - or even surpass - the level of interaction and engagement they had offered attendees with their previous summits.

Sponsors LobbyUniquely, SW wanted to bring to life the bold event look and feel that the Annual Healthcare Summit had built throughout the years. Therefore, the company needed a white-label platform allowing a full customization of the event environment, and showcasing the event's brand.

Additionally, given the summit´s high-end sponsors, SW needed to find a virtual event platform that would integrate them well. Namely, they were looking for a platform that would allow creating exhibitors booths, and implementing an effective sponsorship activation to demonstrate sponsorship returns.


After reviewing many virtual event platforms, SW chose InEvent to host their summit.
It proved to be the best platform to deliver an excellent experience for attendees and measurable returns for sponsors as well as to stamp a strong event identity.


Total RoomsFirstly, from the attendee viewpoint, InEvent offered rich information about speakers and sponsors. This enabled users to learn more about the companies supporting the event, and about the experts at the panels. As social media profiles and contact information are integrated into the platform, it empowered attendees to connect with speakers as well.

Then, InEvent also stood out in terms of interaction and live engagement features. Distinctively, the posting of live polls built-in into the platform and content in a dynamic feed offered attendees meaningful opportunities to engage with the event.

Also, SW successfully produced an effective and eye-catching sponsorship activation. Thanks to InEvent's customization capabilities, the event technology company was able to integrate impressive 3D lobbies, exhibit halls, e-commerce stores, and donation drives.

As a result, Reboot pushed the attendee experience to new heights while providing immersive spaces to interact with sponsors.

The event not only met expectations, but exceeded them emphatically - leaving both attendees and sponsors thrilled with a memorable virtual summit. In terms of business impacts, the event has created new leads, and has brought to life new exciting opportunities for sponsors to connect with their target audiences.


  • Solutions used for the Healthcare Summit:

    White Label
    Sponsors Booth
    Virtual Lobby

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