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TTG Media is a leading B2B media company delivering news, educational features and events for the travel industry. As the travel landscape shifted towards virtual and hybrid events, TTG Media recognized the need to enhance its online event offering.

In 2020, TTG Media selected InEvent as their virtual and hybrid events platform. With InEvent, they aimed to host highly interactive online gatherings for their community of travelers and industry professionals.


TTG Media needed to transform its events into truly engaging virtual experiences.

As Charlotte Mann, Events Manager at TTG Media, explains, "We wanted to provide more opportunities for dynamic content and interactivity between attendees beyond simple video calls or chats, we wanted it to feel like a real event"

They also struggled to gather meaningful analytics on attendee demographics and engagement levels to optimize future events. This made it difficult to demonstrate the value of their virtual events.


Then TTG Media found InEvent. With our all-in-one platform, TTG Media was able to overcome these challenges and begin their virtual events journey.

Key features like the award-winning Live Studio enabled high-production live streams and Q&As with remote speakers. You would think you are watching a TV broadcast. Advanced networking tools like group chat and one-to-one video meetings fostered meaningful connections.

"Live Studio is a game changer for us. It makes our speakers feel at ease and like they're truly participating in the event."

Comprehensive analytics from the platform also provided invaluable insights. Charlotte noted, "The analytics have been beneficial for understanding who is attending and how intensely they engage with sessions and sponsors".


Armed with the right virtual events technology, TTG Media now delivers consistently interactive online gatherings. Each event attracts between 40-600+ diverse travelers from around the world.

InEvent’s top-notch Accessibility features such as Closed captioning for all audio and video content, Accessible color schemes and fonts that are readable by people with visual impairments/low vision, Transcripts or text summaries of all sessions to support attendees with hearing impairments as well as neurodivergent individuals, options to toggle between light and dark mode depending on attendee needs or preferences, amongst many other features, ensure all the events are inclusive for all.

Post-event analytics and reports allow TTG Media to measure ROI, deliver value to their event partners and continuously optimize future event strategies.

As their offerings evolve to a virtual-first model, TTG Media is poised to expand its global reach and deepen engagement with the travel industry community.

Next Line of Action

Looking ahead, TTG Media plans to continue using InEvent’s more advanced virtual event features like Live Networking, the Virtual Lobby, Partner rooms and ability to fully brand the platform to foster deeper connections on a global scale.

Overall, partnering with InEvent has given TTG Media a robust platform to future-proof its events strategy and nurture valuable relationships in the evolving travel landscape.

  • InEvent profile for Charlotte Mann - Events Manager
    InEvent is by far one of the best event platforms for our needs here at TTG Media. Our team, clients and attendees are all now very familiar with the platform and it makes running virtual events a smooth and seamless process. InEvent’s dedication to continually developing their platform technology also ensures that we can offer the very best user experience at our online events. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for an online events platform. Charlotte Mann - Events Manager

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