Brazil Investment Forum

The Brazil 2018 Investment Forum highlights opportunities for investment in strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy.


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The Brazil Investment Forum 2018 is an event organized by the Federal Government, under the leadership of Apex-Brasil, and the Inter-American Development Bank. Its objective is to highlight investment opportunities in strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy such as infrastructure, energy, agribusiness, construction, technology and innovation.

Over 1,600 people attended the 2 days event, including foreign investors from 48 countries. During the event, attendees were able to attend talks by the Federative Republic of Brazil President, Michel Temer, Ministers of Brazilian States and South American countries. Cristina Palmaka, President of SAP Brazil, Cristina Junqueira, co-founder of Nubank, Ana Paula Assis, president of IBM Latin America, Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the Inter-American Development Bank and Roberto Jaguaribe, president of Apex-Brasil, were some of the CEOs of multinational companies that also spoke during the event.


InEvent Challenges

  • Help preparing the event organization team for the event tech operations;
  • Facilitate the registration of the attendees at the event's official hotsite;
  • Offer an easy and fast option for accreditation and check-in at the event;
  • Help organizing each attendee individual agenda with 13 panels and 7 parallel sessions;
  • Support the event planners with the communication and interaction with attendees;
  • Make the event more sustainable with the support of digital solutions, reducing the use of paper and other scenography expenses.


  • InEvent Solutions

    Training in company

    InEvent conducted a Training in company for 10 members of the event organization team. The training helped the team understand how to use InEvent's event solutions and work with greater autonomy.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Registration Form

    In order to optimize the event registration process, the official Brazil Investment Forum hotsite was integrated with the InEvent registration form and the check-in database. Thus, all subscriber data became available easily and securely in the system (without spreadsheets).

  • InEvent Solutions


    Accreditation was fast, intuitive and without queues, carried out in totems at the entrance of the event by reading the individual QR Code of the InEvent application. With a modern and personalized design, the process was simplified by self-service interaction.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Live App

    With the InEvent App, attendees had access to the event's agenda consisting of 13 panels and 7 parallel sessions. In addition to being able to set up their own schedule of activities, attendees also had access to a corporate news feed and networking chat, all in real time and easily available at their fingertips.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Email Marketing

    For communication of the event hotsite and the official app, InEvent's email marketing platform was used. Transactional emails that are triggered based on the attendee's behavior, as well as emails in the standard email marketing format were used.


Emails sent

Printed badges

App downloads

  • InEvent profile for Loren Spíndola - Apex-Brasil
    InEvent has given us moments of agility and great ease throughout the organization of the event. Everyone complimented the event's accreditation. It was the first time we used it. It was very fast and easy. People were already arriving with the QR Code opened in the app and were impressed with the agility of taking their badges. Allied to this we had the networking with all the attendees of the event in real time. No doubt it was a great partnership. InEvent helped us a lot. Loren Spíndola - Apex-Brasil
  • InEvent profile for Jacy Braga - Apex-Brasil
    The use of the InEvent app was very interesting. In a single platform we're able to do the event registration, accreditation and networking during the entire event. This is very good because it has made our technicians and users use a single platform, reducing our operational work. All these procedures, which we would've to do individually on the spot, we ended up doing in a more collective and effective way. It was a great experience for Apex. Jacy Braga - Apex-Brasil
  • InEvent profile for Clarice Mosele - Apex-Brasil
    We'd several demands and InEvent provided us with many solutions. We'd never done a project with a platform that managed events as a whole. At all times we had questions and the InEvent team spent the whole time presenting us with solutions. The service experience was excellent! Clarice Mosele - Apex-Brasil

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