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White Label

White Label

Our platform allows your event to be exactly as you need. With customized features including colors, icons, names and more, you can create the right communication and content with your public. If desired, each event can have its own brand and visual identity.

White Label


InEvent platform allows to edit your events in a global scale. You can have as many events as you need, available in multiple languages for your multiple administrators. You can define settings for all your events, as you can also define your controls especifically for a single event.

  • Each event can be created from a template you have chosen, so you don't need to create every new event from scratch, with new images, etc. With a reusable template, you can join them on the same structure of your previous organization, with similar permissions and layouts.
  • Each master administrator can choose and customize tools available right on the cloud. With more than 60 options, administrators can choose which channels of communication should be blocked or not, which content can be released or not, how tools should connect with each other and much more.
  • Multiple languages are also available on the platform, including English, Spanish and Portuguese. Additional languages can also be added as needed, right within your event timing.


Global organizations can support multiple branches or multiple administrators with ease. Using a set of rules, your platform can be available for different owners, which can edit their own events right on their account. You can, for example, assign coordinators as master administrators, account managers for invite handling and procurement analysts as form readers. With the InEvent platform, your event pipeline will be clear as never seen before.

  • Multiple users can access the platform at simultaneous periods, without disrupting other administrator changes or updates.
  • Each user can have its own level of permission control. From more than 25 different permissions on the platform, the master administrator can choose and customize the scope for each employee.
  • Confidential information can be protected through multiple layers of content control and data handling for administrators.
  • You can also provide one time login passwords for guest users which need to perform timely functions and nothing else.

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Identity control

Different individuals will require and need access to your platform during the event operations. With a clear and secure identity control, you can allow the right people to get access to your event. Origins can be many, including your CRM, database, spreadsheet, social networks, Marketo, email, username, telephone, etc.

  • If you need specific integrations, we can also work with our dedicated API for your event. We support a wide range of sources, from public to private events which require complex integrations with pharmaceutical or financial CRM's.
  • Identity control
  • Each person can be managed and have their origin traced back with extensive access logs.
  • Mobile access can be provided for events which require dynamic and live interactions.
Identity control
Experience Tomorrow XP Investments

Experience Tomorrow XP Investments

XP Investments and InEvent partnership brings more technology and digital experiences to its private corporate event held at Four Seasons Hotel, Miami, Florida.

Santander Annual Meeting

Santander Annual Meeting

How InEvent & Santander created a digital experience at the largest corporate event in Latin America.

One System Conference

One System Conference

Held annually in India, the event proposed the reunion of its global leaders of Coca-Cola Asia to unite, act and grow into a single system.

Excel spreadsheets


You can upload and sync your data with as many spreadsheets you need. Using our standard model, you can insert your data in a few minutes and quickly get your event running. After the first upload, you can also keep uploading updates, adding or updating new information for your event based on changes issued by your partners.

Event information and location

Relevant information about your event can be saved and shared on the platform with multiples channels available, such as website, emails or mobile apps.

  • You can list your details, such as dates, location, description, main org, start / end of enrollments, last access dates and main sponsors.
  • Wi-fi and any other on arrival information can be shared on specific spots of your communication.
  • Navigation to the event can be easy, integrated with Google Maps and Waze.

Attendees with custom fields

All your attendees can be managed in one unique place. With custom selectable fields, you decide which information is relevant for you, so you can display it on your screen. Single click edits allow you to manage your attendees' information, send messages or just read their profile bio.

  • Custom fields can be created with freedom, as many as you would like. They can be plain text, numbers, yes or no, options and even more complex fields, such as passports and identity controls.
  • Clorful tags can be added for each category, simplifying your event control and management.
  • Custom fields
  • Global search helps you find and narrow down any attendee you may be looking for or to generate useful reports.
  • Filters are easily available, with your most common options and even more advanced ones, such as registrations, engagement or downloads.
  • Contests can be run right from the platform, so you can select lucky winners based on selected filters or activities.
Custom fields

Confirmation email

Confirmation email

As soon as you upload your attendees basic information (email and name), you can send an automated and personalized email with their ticket details, including dates, addresses, special recommendations and even their own unique QR Code. Also, you can send a reminder prior to the event, so your attendees come ready with their tickets.

Confirmation email

Dynamic feed content

Dynamic feed content

All your communication can be streamlined in a corporate feed. On this dynamic tool, you decide which information is relevant for you to have on screen, when and how. Your content can be available on various channels, including your website, mobile apps and standalone screens. You can:

  • add links, photos, videos, check-ins, etc;
  • import from your social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram;
  • publish them on the go;
  • pull data from your blog or CRM;
  • Dynamic feed content
  • track who liked or commented on any post;
  • control and disable posts on the go;
  • get in touch with attendees;

Schedule with content

A dynamic schedule enables your content to be delivered throughout multiple web and mobile channels. You can manage time, perform batch edits, send exclusive notifications / emails and much more.

Schedule with content
  • Multiple tracks can be available, so you can customize your event with multiple subjects and topics of interest.
  • Search is also available to quickly find any useful information.
  • Meetings can be joined together with activities to create one central agenda for your attendee.
  • Capacity can be handled with ease, so you know how many people can confirm a given activity or not.
  • Attendee edits can be blocked, so control if they can select their own schedule or not is yours.
Schedule with content

Speakers & Sponsors

Both can be tagged with custom information, which allows for much better searching and display. Contact information, such as telephone, email addresses, biographies, social networks, location, domains, etc can be added right to sponsors and speakers. Speakers can have their own field of expertise enabled on their profiles, as sponsors can be split in different categories, which allows for quick ordering and appropriate display.

Files & Photos


Available on the cloud, files can be shared securely with attendees around your event. Multiple formats are accepted and new ones can be included on demand, such video, audio, power point, pdfs, etc. As soon as the event ends or your attendees exit the event, data can be wiped out from their devices for your document control. Files can be tagged and also be searchable across your event domain.




You can create multiple ad formats through the platform, including banners, fullscreen ads and more. These resources can later be integrated on all your event channels, such as websites, emails or mobile apps. Tracking can be integrated for more granular control, which enables for a precise control of how a given ad is performing. Information captured includes pageviews and even each attendee name.


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