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The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) is a multi-disciplinary professional association for geoscientists and engineers, established in 1951 with members across the globe. The association changed its name from the European Association of Exploration Geophysicists in 1995. EAGE has held over 80 annual meetings — alongside several major events within the year — in different parts of Europe where it connects a host of scientists and engineers to promote innovation and technical progress and to foster the communication, fellowship, and cooperation between those professionals and academics who have interest in these adjacent disciplines.


EAGE’s events are typically platforms for presentations, debates, and panel discussions. This requires virtual and hybrid video solutions designed to facilitate data-driven presentations and networking activities. EAGE constantly needs a platform that will deliver high-quality virtual and hybrid experiences and that’s why they leverage InEvent’s video strategies to date.
EAGE Innovations InEvent

"People share their work results, exchange ideas, debate, and enjoy networking with their peers. Companies find new clients and employees. The objectives are to provide a platform for these experiences and eventually help the progress on a regular basis."

Glen Kachaev, Process Analyst @ EAGE


The InEvent platform currently powers all of EAGE’s events, offering solutions for registration, engagement, analytics, and marketing. InEvent’s all-in-one platform has provided a Virtual Lobby that contains all information on the event’s schedule, speakers, and activities chats, questions, and polls were deployed to scale-up events during sessions and the Email Creator feature was leveraged for marketing communications.
EAGE Innovations InEvent


EAGE is impressed with InEvent’s readiness to constantly improve its products. When Gleb was asked what he liked the most about utilizing our platform, he said:

"The overall approach that changes are instantly visible on the platform. The way recordings are handled as well as having access to change custom styling is useful. The most important is that these features work as intended."

EAGE Innovations InEvent

  • InEvent profile for Gleb Kachaev, Process Analyst @ EAGE
    We do several major events with the help of InEvent throughout the year, as it gives an easy point of access to the event content and communication. Marketing, registration, and allocation are done in other systems. We like the balance between ease of setup and flexibility. Also, the system reliability and price are something we value. Gleb Kachaev, Process Analyst @ EAGE

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