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How Elevate Summit provided a premium experience on its very first virtual edition.


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Elevate Summit Chief Strategy Officer, Sean Specie, has always believed that an event is an excellent channel for acquiring customers. The benefits are almost infinite, as several aspects of their product can be explored, generating a perception closer to reality for customers or prospects.

Elevate is a brand experience agency that helps brands tell their story through remarkable event experiences (in-person or virtual). Companies want to build relationships with customers and invest in their employees to grow their business but sometimes they aren’t sure how to best do that. We help those companies create fun and meaningful events, workshops and programs that leave their employees smiling and their customers raving.Sean Specie, Chief Strategy Officer @ Elevate Experiences and Elevate Summit

When Elevate Experiences created the virtual event Elevate Summit 2020, the problem they wanted to solve was a big one: how to rebuild a business in this new post-pandemic world?

And because of the pandemic, they also had the extra challenge of doing that without being in the same physical space of their attendees.


InEvent Challenges

Planning is key, but no perfect plan survives the battlefield. Hosting a virtual event like the Elevate Summit is always a big risk, as your thoughts keep reacting to hypotheses of what could happen at the event day.

Elevate Experiences decided to create a virtual summit due to the rapidly changing work environments that every person and company in America is facing. People and companies are facing new challenges and we wanted to equip them with new leadership tools and skills to help their companies not just survive but thrive in this new world of work.

The main objective of the Elevate Summit 2020 was to educate the audience. Through discussions, panels and other interactive experience, they wanted to generate insights and inform their guests about three main topics:

  • Work (business model, marketing, sales): What is needed to shift businesses models? What are the steps to be taken to maximize marketing efforts?
  • Team culture (employee care, team leadership, HR): How to lead a team remotely and through seasons of change?
  • Brand (messaging, design, purpose): What unique problem does my business solve?


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    Publicizing an event is the first challenge for those who are producing it. As this was a paid event, failing at this point was not an option.

    Combining several integrated strategies and workflows, exciting promotional videos and attractive landing pages became the pillar magnets to attract and convert.

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    Event day

    The most critical moment is the delivery. Copying and pasting live content to a virtual format has proven to be not the best choice. So here’s a glimpse of Elevate Summit 2020 guests experienced:

    • Interactive Virtual Lobby
    • Navigation between sessions
    • Breakout rooms
    • Real time chat, polling and Q&A

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    Closing the occasion with feedback on what worked and what didn't work is as important as anything else. And not only client feedback, but as well as other stakeholders', mainly suppliers and partners. With the InEvent automated analytics and reports, Elevate Summit 2020 had a clear vision of how they need to do regarding content, interactions and general user experience to do this pioneering event even greater on it’s next edition.

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    Key takeaways

    Even using the InEvent software for the first time, Elevate Summit organizers had a platform that aligned the entire user experience with the general business objectives. With the Virtual Lobby analytics, they had real-time feedback, being able to tweak aspects such as sessions duration or format on the go, as well as creating automatic reports to measure the event results after it ended.

    Simultaneously, knowing that every stakeholder’s data was kept safe, in accordance with the latest regulations such as GDPR and AIPA, unleashed space in the organizers minds to care about what really matters: creating the perfect experience for everyone involved.

  • InEvent profile for Sean Specie, Chief Strategy Officer @ Elevate Experiences and Elevate Summit
    We are proud and confident of the work and content that we shared throughout The Elevate Summit 2020. We’ve hosted virtual events and conferences for clients before, but this was our first ever virtual event on behalf of our company for our community and with 13 amazing content leaders we were able to positively impact 211 attendees in the matter of just a few weeks. We are looking forward to planning and hosting several future Elevate Summits with new ideas and topics. We believe the content that we share is different from other virtual events because it is innovative and culture focused, while creating a space for engagement, encouragement, and authentic emotions. Sean Specie, Chief Strategy Officer @ Elevate Experiences and Elevate Summit

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