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Technology, Systems, Accreditation and Experience were highlights from XP Investments annual event for more than 20,000 people.


InEvent Cases

XP Investments is a financial institution created in 2001 with the objective of transforming consumer approaches towards investments. With operations in the US, Europe and Latin America, more than 2,000 direct employees and 4,000 investment advisers educate people how to invest their money.

10 years after their foundation, XP Investments held the first edition of the Expert XP event, where they sought to bring together their company’s accredited advisors. Since 2011, the event has grown over the years, adapting to both their target audience and their content. Its first edition had an audience of 500 attendees where the content was focused on themes such as entrepreneurship, autonomy and motivation, with a model closer to a sales convention. Over the years, the company not only invited its accredited advisors, but also their stakeholders, such as the press, their customers, and their employees, totaling over 20,000 participants in its 8th edition in 2018.

Expert XP is so important to us because it is a unique moment. That's when we can gather all this audience for 3 days in the same place, with our sponsors and speakers, promoting networking among people... it's the greatest XP showcase for the industry.Guilherme Kolberg, Partner | Head of Marketing Research and Customer Experience Management at XP Group


InEvent Challenges

Faced with exponential growth - 4,000% in 8 years - Expert XP 2018 presented new challenges. The 2017 edition had an audience of 10,000 participants and the goal for 2018 was to double that number. With the concern of maintaining the event quality with such a subtantial leap, XP Investments sourced InEvent based in the adaptability of our technology and in our ‘know how’ as managers of event technological projects. According to Lucca Seigne, Research and Quality Analyst at XP Investments and one of the professionals responsible for the event, the first contact with InEvent took place in 2017, when his team was attracted to the adaptability of the event management platform.

The system was adaptable to our complexities... we have multiple audiences, various types of credentials and gateways. So the system adapts itself, launches it, and manages to bring a solution that is simple when we download a database, add a new audience, change a configuration... this all attracted us a lot, because it managed to create what we wanted with a simple solution.Lucca Seigne, Research and Quality Analyst at XP Investments

InEvent not only provides the event technology that customers need, but also manages each project such that their digital solutions can enhance the experience of both event organizers and attendees. Our technology management involves project structuring, activity schedules and live support.

The Expert XP 2018 project started well before the event dates. For about 10 months InEvent accompanied XP Investments and performed a series of actions such as:

  • Structuring processes;
  • Accreditation testing and validation;
  • Early employee accreditations;
  • Penetration information security assessments;
  • Event App and interactions validation;
  • Sales technology professional services;
  • Targeted marketing campaigns.

An important point of InEvent was their project management: they did it together with us, the support. So they set clear dates that we had to deliver some solution, some idea, and they would also bring back ideas, suggestions and results. So all that joint effort in terms of project management and support made us come up with a final result that was really good.Lucca Seigne, Research and Quality Analyst at XP Investments


  • InEvent Solutions


    InEvent's website solution allows an event to have its own unique website. Information to be displayed on the website is chosen by the content event management system CMS, as well as event privacy access plus free, private or restricted guests login. Updates are synchronized live within the InEvent platform.

    For the Expert XP 2018 event, 4 landing pages were created: an initial one for the event’s save the date with basic information and emails input. Another landing page was created for customers, with event information and ticket sales; another page for advisors with classified information and different ticket prices. Lastly, a website was created with built-in Youtube integration to stream live content from several categories of the Advisor Awards and vote on the year nominations.

    Even with customized website structures, content integration kept all speakers, sponsors, agenda, structured activities, tickets for sale, videos and testimonials syncronized using available plugins.

    The website also drove relevant traffic and converted a high number interactions, sourced by Advisor Awards nominees voting and questions posted by event attendees. There were 5,432 hits to the profile of Bill Clinton, former US president who was present at the event, 1,643 nomination votes and 396 questions asked by attendees.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Controlling invitations and event attendees

    RSVP: Guests could easily confirm their presence at the event. A button is available for the guest to confirm their attendance to the event, which was available by email or by push notification in the event app.

    Email Blaster: Marketing emails targeted to different attendee groups were constantly delivered. Administrators could filter by multiple options, including who registered, who did not complete their purchases, who did not use their ticket, among many others. A total of 46,753 emails were sent.

    Lists: Lists were used with various goals, mainly to validate the guests who would or would not have access to the event or to certain activities. At an event with different types of audience like Expert XP 2018, lists were fundamental for managing attendee badges and passes. Lists could contain data such as names, e-mail addresses, job titles, companies, etc.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Ticket Manager and Registration

    Forms: Custom forms were created on the InEvent platform to support Expert XP 2018 visual identity. Through them attendees' could do registrations and managers could export their data in spreadsheets. Forms could be of different types, with multiple fill-in options.

    Ticket Manager: With the InEvent Ticket Manager, the management of Expert XP 2018 had full control, in real time, of all types of tickets sold, which could deliver tickets to guests and provide clearance for attendees. You could also upload excel spreadsheets to the InEvent platform to automatically issue all registrations and tickets. Together with InEvent, XP Investments team structured the sale of tickets divided by types of attendees. The event had four types of audience and more than 60 types of tickets.

    One of the challenges we had since the previous event editions were how we could have a system that integrates from the first contact that my client would have through email marketing until the day of the event, with their accreditation. And our event is extremely complex. Complex because there are more than 180 speakers, more than 130 sponsors, diverse public profiles are accredited and communicate differently. And what we were able to find at InEvent was a unique solution, with which we managed to control everything that happened at all stages, ensuring flexibility for our event management and delivering quality for the attendee.Guilherme Kolberg, Partner | Head of Marketing Research and Customer Experience Management at XP Group

  • InEvent Solutions


    One of Expert XP 2018 main demands, in order to double its 2017 attendees, was to promote an effective accreditation and eliminate queues identified in its previous editions. Two entry points were defined, with each one being responsible for two types of accreditation. The four accreditation types were performed simultaneously. Each accreditation method had its own specific parameters running within the InEvent platform with data and reports being generated in real time. With InEvent's digital accreditation, performed through self-service kiosks, the event organization was not only able to control the number of attendees, but also has the capability to know who was or was not present.

    All accreditations could be made by QR Code, maintaining a high-quality standard and delivering the best digital experience for the event attendees.

    One point that I think is worth highlighting is that we do research at the end of the event and we separate it in several items, such as visual communication, how was the event in general, the fair, the lectures... and the accreditation was the main item where InEvent helped us and was also the main item in terms of note... we had a grade above 9 (of 10), which shows a very big evolution, a solution, a support and a whole project that worked out. So the feedbacks were very good.Lucca Seigne, Research and Quality Analyst at XP Investments

  • InEvent Solutions

    Printing QR Codes

    InEvent’s platform automatically exports QR Codes of all attendees into an easy-to-print format, streamlining the accreditation moment for the event attendees.

    InEvent enables badge customizations with QR Codes. Our platform has 30 different layout options to choose from to select the one that best suits the nature of your event. Event organizers and administrators have full control over how names, surnames, positions, companies will be arranged on the badges, including options of the text’s alignments, shapes, positions, and sizes.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Access control

    After attendees received their badges, the QR Code allowed them access to the event. InEvent assisted XP Investments’ team in more than 10 access control points, such as their access to the event and various other activities during all event days.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Mobile App

    The event App was integrated with the entire structure of the InEvent platform, allowing attendees access to all digital interactions, event contents and encrypted QR Codes.

    The InEvent Mobile App was customized for XP Investments with the goal of delivering the best possible experience for the event audience. Available features of the Expert XP 2018 App included:

    News feed: News, informations and messages were shared. Attendees were also able to interact with the content, having integration with Facebook and Twitter. 1,089 posts were created.

    Agenda: With the use of InEvent’s white label app, event schedules were customized and segmented by type of ticket.

    Push notifications: Push notifications segmented by attendees types were sent through InEvent Mobile App. Messages were delivered to the participants' mobile phone in real time and any event changes could be quickly reported by the event app.

    Polls: Polls were conducted during the corporate event lectures. Interaction between event attendees and speakers was promoted through the event app.

    Ranking: The most engaged attendees with the event mobile app received a score and were part of a ranking system displayed in the white label App. Engagement was measured by actions each person performed in the event app, such as asking questions, posting to the news feed, starting conversations or sending photos.

    Content Projection: InEvent's projection brings interaction to the screens present at the event venue. They can display the latest information on the event app interactions, such as participants who checked in, questions and polls during lectures, news feed, etc.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Support

    The support team has been one of the InEvent highlights over the past years and it is often highly praised by the leadership of corporate events. At Expert XP 2018, the InEvent team conducted training, follow-up and management of processes throughout all the project stages - before, during and after the corporate event. Training had the objective of empowering and giving autonomy in event technology usage to the event managers.

    XP Investments team counted on InEvent’s Standard Support, with access to our qualified representatives to answer all its questions and solve problems, and on InEvent’s Live Support, ensuring the presence of our team at the corporate event. The Live support team for Expert XP 2018 featured 6 professionals focused on event accreditation, access control and event app interactions.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Analytics and Reports

    Using our event platform the Expert XP 2018 team gathered almost half million points and created an unique social network graph with all connections, as shown on the image slide. Tracking the event data in real time through more than 25 modules allowed to make quick decisions based on dashboards. With colorful and intuitive graphics, the team got all the information they needed, and could even export them into spreadsheets.

    InEvent's Analytics and Reporting functionality allows creation, printing and sharing reports. The event and its results can be studied easily, promoting increasingly assertive planning for future editions.

  • InEvent profile for Guilherme Kolberg, Partner | Head of Marketing Research and Customer Experience Management at XP Group
    I strongly recommend InEvent. First, because we have achieved the goal we initially proposed; second because they helped us not only in the matter of software and solutions delivery but also in planning all the things we were going to do; and third, for all the support we had along the path. We have created a bond, a partnership, a relationship that we want to strengthen in the next few years! Guilherme Kolberg, Partner | Head of Marketing Research and Customer Experience Management at XP Group
  • InEvent profile for Lucca Seigne, Research and Quality Analyst at XP Investments
    I would definitely recommend InEvent. The support team was magnificent, every ten minutes that we sent an email already had someone answering it, there was someone to solve our problem and to understand what our needs were. Second, their project management was very good. We could follow what we had to do in a period of time, how we were, our stage... how we would be a day before the event, during the event and after the event as well! Lucca Seigne, Research and Quality Analyst at XP Investments
  • InEvent profile for Flávio Tapajós, Trainee at XP Investments
    I recommend InEvent. It has a platform that is very intuitive, very easy to use and that's a big differential for events. Flávio Tapajós, Trainee at XP Investments

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