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GPTW experience at the event that awards and highlights the 40 Best Companies for Women to Work.


InEvent Cases

GPTW Women is Great Place to Work® initiative that rewards and recognizes companies that stimulate women's leadership and gender equality. InEvent supported its digital transformation before, during and post event. Women leaders in their work fields spoke to celebrate the 40 Best Companies for Women to Work.

The event took place on March 27, 2018 at the Renaissance Hotel with UN Women Brazil institutional support. Extraordinary women like Luiza Helena Trajano, Carol Duarte, Maurren Maggi, Clarissa Canedo, Camila Achutti, Cláudia Giudice and Nadine Gasman attended the event.


InEvent Challenges

Promoting gender equality and minority leadership in an event required attendees' engagement with the cause. An exclusive website was needed for communicating, engaging and connecting with attendees before, during and post event.

Support and training of the GPTW team was needed to prepare the event organization so everything would flow perfectly with autonomy and freedom. In addition, the GPTW team needed to measure and monitor all event data in real time to support decision making.


  • InEvent Solutions

    In-company training

    GPTW team received in-company training from the InEvent customer success team for InEvent's digital solutions best usage. The training was divided in 3 days and was developed for maximum autonomy at the event operational management.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Personalized Website

    A personalized website was created for the event reference, details, location, schedule and tickets. More than 300 attendees enrolled at the event through the website's form.

    The website was available 24/7 since its launch. A custom subdomain was easily setup to address users to GPTW domain ( without ever having to leave the main page. Identity and awareness was increased on an domain they already trusted and accessed.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing was the main communication channel to send information to the attendees, share the event's app, and generate even more engagement.

    Emails could be sent as many times as needed, backed by a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed by InEvent's team. It garanteed that 100% of valid emails sent through the platform would be delivered right to the guest's inbox. The attendee QR Code was an integral part of the event experience, so it was digitally sent together on the confirmation email.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Live App

    An exclusive app was developed with a corporate news feed for content, videos and images sharing integrated with social media and push notifications. Attendees were able to follow the calendar of activities and provide real-time event evaluations. The app had an engagement rate of 92% and 509 feedbacks were submitted.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent Pass

    During the event, the accreditation was fast and without queues. With the official event app installed on the mobile phone, attendees had to present their QR Code at the event entrance to print their identification badges. Two InEvent specialists followed all platform-related activities at the event and helped users with some difficulty during the event day.





  • InEvent Case Testimonial
    Today one of the main goals that the GPTW has is to help companies in the process of digital transformation that they are going through. Speaking more specifically of events, that's when InEvent came up: to help making events as digital as possible from the internal public to the external public, to the companies that work together with us during the awards. The experience with InEvent was very good, before, during and after event. The accreditation process that was super fluid, it worked super well and had no queues. Anyone who knows about events knows this is incredible. (...) We searched the market and InEvent was the most suitable for our team and company, I hope we do make many other events together. Gabriela Araujo Onório - Events coordinator
  • InEvent Case Testimonial
    Let me tell you a little of my experience with InEvent. We recently had the GPTW Woman, which is an event that happened for the second time here in Brazil and we had a mission in this event that was to make the event flow in the best possible way - pre, post and mainly, during the event. InEvent came to help us with an excellent tool, which was the app, where we did all part of the registration, interaction, publishing content, photos. All attendees accepted, joined and interacted. We had a very good engagement. I wanted to highlight the InEvent staff because they helped us a lot. We had a training here with our event team and we had no doubt at the end. At the time we had the training, there were 3 meetings and the tool really flowed very well. We wanted to say thank you. Thank you for this partnership and I very much hope that we will continue together because we will still have many events, GPTW is coming with many news and we will keep this partnership! Débora Manzano - New Business Coordinator
  • InEvent Case Testimonial
    GPTW is the company responsible for evaluating the organizational climate of companies that lists the best places to work in Brazil. A very important part of the job is to bring all these companies together in awards events from the best companies to work for. We know that doing an event today is very important and also very difficult. There is a complexity of event management that requires specific work by some people and also some tools to optimize, improve productivity and improve the quality of the event, providing a differentiated experience for those who participate in the event. With InEvent we had a very interesting partnership that brought us and added value to the event, provided a real-time usage tool. From the very pratical enrollment on the site, to engagement in the event and post event which is something very important to keep in touch with who participated in the event. As a loyalty tool for our products, InEvent is a differential for us today on our event management. We recommend using the InEvent platform. José Neto Paim - Technology Director

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