InEvent Wine Tasting @Home

A laid back night to strengthen relationships: InEvent holds its very first InEvent Wine Tasting @Home.


Who doesn't enjoy a sip of wine?

InEvent Cases

Using InEvent technology, we created a fun, interactive experience that brought the authentic tastes and aromas of Napa Valley directly to our invitees' living room.

We mean it, quite literally. Our guests got their wines shipped to their door, so they could enjoy and learn about their favorite tastes with us, from the safety and comfort of their homes.


How to bring wine tasting to a virtual environment, keeping the personality and intimacy of the moment?

InEvent Challenges

InEvent Wine Tasting at Home was the very first invitation-only virtual event held by InEvent.

We wanted to deliver an entertaining and laid-back event with the same excitement and momentum than an in-person experience would.

If we could transfer those elements to a virtual environment, we’d have a unique occasion that our clients would remember.

  • Very first invitation-only virtual event held by InEvent
  • In Partnership with Clos du Val
  • Only 13 VIP clients


  • InEvent Solutions

    How to provide a personalized, premium experience to make each guest feel unique?

    In an occasion where not everybody will be in the same physical environment, the event organizers don’t have control over some aspects such as locations, ambient light, decoration, service, etc.

    So, in all of our communications, we cared about letting them know that all they had to do was to register and we would take care of everything else. They’re only preoccupation for the night would be to sit back and relax.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Who were the best possible partners?

    At this point, we chose to invite Clos Du Val, a winery in the Stags Leap District of California's Napa Valley. With the extensive knowledge of their Guest Experience Manager Scott Johnson, that became an essential ingredient for the event success.Also, they made sure that every participant had their wine tasting kit delivered to their door on time.

  • InEvent Solutions

    How to make sure you delivered the premium, engaging experience that you expected?

    If in an in-person workshop, smartphones were the main attention thieves, now the dispute is larger: besides smartphones, there is the unknown.

    After all, the participant of an online event can be working, surrounded by their family, being busy taking care of their pets or just being impacted by email and instant messages alerts.

    So, besides checking the real time engagement, post-event action is also needed. For that, we used the InEvent automated Virtual Lobby analytics, as well as a post-event more detailed feedback from our guests.

    This way, we could find out what went right and what had room to be better, from the perspective of the participants.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Conclusion and key takeaways

    After listing all of our concerns, it was clear we needed a platform to address all our production, content, engagement and execution needs.

    Production, content, engagement, execution… everything went out smoothly, just as we predicted, thanks to the robust InEvent platform and the great team behind it.

    Being able to inspire our guests while they were also having fun made our day. Everybody who participated: we could feel that their hearts and minds were really there with us all along the occasion.

  • InEvent profile for Ashanti Bentil-Dhue - Equity & Inclusion Expert
    It was a very smooth and easy login process. Really easy to find the right room, see who else was in the room and interact with the main speaker. I love the Virtual Lobby function as it means I rarely get 'lost' on the platform. I love the visual presentation of the live videos - its really easy to see other attendees as well as interact in the chat function. Ashanti Bentil-Dhue - Equity & Inclusion Expert

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