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One of the largest providers of information technology, Stefanini's global sales meeting delivered strategies to achieve its annual results.


Stefanini is a private multinational, service and software provider, for data processing and consulting. With more than 24,000 employees in 40 countries across the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Asia, Stefanini was founded in 1987 by current global CEO Marco Stefanini.

Stefanini marketing is strategic and institutional, building the company's brand and relationships. Its events are geared towards:

  • Customers, from small breakfast to one day schedules for specific industries.
  • Kickoff for various teams, including sales, technical and executive teams.
  • Meetups for local communities across Latin America.


Paper issuance is a frequent environmental issue in large organizations, which in current times adopt pro-environment policies to reduce the footprint needed to fullfil their operations and internal activities. Stefanini sought a solution that could meet this goal, making the event complete digital without detriment to the quality, experience, usability and efficiency of the work done.

Another challenge of the multinational was the nationalities of its attendees, which covered more than 50 different countries. The flexibility to meet all the language requirements and treat all participants in a non-exclusive way were ready to be implemented. Information about the event also had to be collected, maintaining the multi-lingual and digital standard, aligned with specific deadlines for filling, notifying and viewing.


  • InEvent Solutions

    Multiple language environmental friendly platform

    With its digital suite, 100 percent environmental friendly, InEvent offered a solution available in all major languages, which enabled Stefanini to succeed in holding its event all digitally. All communications, information and updates were made in combination with InEvent's web and mobile technologies, which provided the integration needed to capture the registration and logistics data through a secure and custom form automatically connected to the mobile app. Simultaneous support to English, Portuguese and Spanish have made this capture practical and integrated, with successful completion leading to automatic notification to download the mobile tool. The communication proceeded all digitally throughout the event, with push notifications, material downloads and interaction through the corporate news feed.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Smart platform for your attendee journey

    The attendee 360º journey is a digital integrated concept which enables the attendee to perform everything he needs inside a single platform. The same platform provides a full calendar for all your events, which contains a unique custom website, together with your flexible registration form, smart email delivery systems, approval workflows, OnSite check-ins, mobile apps, parked reports and analytics. At Stefanini Kickoff, attendees could have lunch using the same QR Code, which they received from a smart email sent from Stefanini domains after they have registered at the event. With InEvent, your digital suite for events, your event is one.





Stefanini's success with the InEvent platform can be proven by increasing its deployment velocity by 85%. Websites were used to quickly provide information. Web forms were filled by attendees and event managers were able to filter registrations before sending email confirmations. A digital, clean and optimal solution without the need to use Excel filters.

During the event, not a single piece of paper was wasted. The mobile app had a download rate higher than 90%. The information exchange was continuous, with materials being shared through the app, more than 100 feedbacks being collected and reports being accessed instantly by the event organizer, both by the web platform and by the notifications integrated in pdf by email.


  • Quick deployment of events using InEvent suite of technologies;
  • Global platform support for executives across multiple languages;
  • OnSite check-in integrated with your credentials and QR Code;
  • Improvement of the attendee experience with interactions in an exclusive app;
  • InEvent profile for Eliezer Silveira Filho - CMO Latin America at Stefanini
    Recently I've been in Las Vegas to a major event technology fair and searched for multiple solutions available on the market, specially in the United States. And what I've discovered from this experience was that InEvent is the strategic partner for us and is the best / most complete platform that supports an event from end to end. Eliezer Silveira Filho - CMO Latin America at Stefanini

The complete platform for all your events

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