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In a world where communication is boundless, networking is ceaseless, and the returns from events are measureless, event management remains a whopping 1,135.4 billion dollar industry. Virtual events are now more than ever a cornerstone revenue generator for event management organizations globally. Here's a tale on how a smooth-sailing coalition between SW Event Technology - an audiovisual service provider for event planners - and InEvent, a complete end-to-end platform for professional events, birthed numerous financially robust events.

Sw successful virtual event case study


Ben Pidskalny, the Vice President of SW Event Technology, shares the benefits SW Event Technology has amassed by partnering with InEvent. In doing so, he reveals a few success stories from his clients.
It all began in the spring of 2020, amid a pandemic outbreak that revolutionized the future of virtual interactions. Just like pretty much every event company. SW had to compensate for the setback of mass cancellation of live events by pivoting to the virtual events sphere.

SW needed a partner to provide the right technology to build fantastic event experiences. SW Event Technology partnered with InEvent, and the rest became history. Today, SW Event Technology takes pride in rendering top-tier event management services to clients through InEvent's virtual events platform. The impetus to gravitate towards virtual events more than in-person events became more glaring as their revenue experienced a downward trajectory. Consequently, they had to pivot to virtual events.

Sw successful virtual event case study

"For sure, our clients pushed us to move online. We've done some trade shows where the clients have gotten more attendees online than they did physically at the events because people don't have to travel all around the country to the trade show. They can tune in from home and connect with the exhibitors.
I don't think any of them will go all the way back to in-person. Some people have always wanted to come to the show, and the people that could never come to the show - now combine online tickets to access the event. So it's a secondary revenue stream for these people."


SW Event Technology sought to GO BEYOND with event management by leveraging the InEvent Platform. Since this pivotal turn, they now attain six-figure returns from events.
Amongst all the perks of utilizing InEvent's features, Ben Pidskalny positioned the flexibility of the platform at the apex. Having explored other platforms, there was the need to opt for a user-friendly platform that allows easy customizations.

Sw successful virtual event case study

"We did look at other platforms just to see the features and compare them, but InEvent kept rising to the top because the support is absolutely amazing for sure! The flexibility is a big one with your platform - how much you can manipulate it, change it - all of that made it rise to the top. Other platforms are so rigid that you can't change them; you can't integrate third-party features. We definitely want a platform that is flexible enough to meet all our client's needs, depending on the event."


  • SW Event Technology is widely acclaimed by clients who admit to the ease in making swift changes to events, on the platform. Mackeson, a company Pidskalny describes as a 'massive international billion-dollar company wasn't pleased with a different platform they used for a previous event. After switching to the InEvent platform, they became satisfied with the event management process. They highlighted how 'quickly you can make a change using the platform.

    "If you need something updated; something changed or reprogrammed, it's instant. The other platforms would take 24 hours to update the platform. But here, it's instant and that's a very big feature."

    SW Event Technology has a variety of clients whose events range from corporate functions, trade shows, to sporting events.

    "We are just about to sign a big deal with an international hockey league that is going to do their event through the platform as well."

    Their partnership with InEvent has also provided exposure for them, as they get to work with more clients through InEvent's referrals.

    "InEvent gives us a lot of referrals and we get introduced to big clients. The biggest online events that we have done apart from one - have been from InEvent referrals. So it is great to see those reviews coming over and we work on those events together, which is great."

    Sw successful virtual event case study

    "For sure our clients pushed us to the decision to be online. Some clients will stay 100% virtual, but most will go hybrid. I don't think any of them will go all the way back to in-person only, because there are always people that want to go to shows, but can't travel to the show, so it's an actual revenue stream for them now. There are people who have always wanted to come to the show, and the people that could never come to the show, now combining online tickets to access the event, become a secondary revenue stream for these people."

    Still, on the thread of generating revenue through InEvent's audio-visual platform, SW Technology's success story is a testament to the bountiful benefits that come with having a sustained subscription for all the events you have planned for the year! You don't need to blink twice before you subscribe to the InEvent platform. Remember this is important so that you can meet all your business objectives and monetary targets for the new year!

    Reach out to SW Technology in our EventMarket to know more about their services. Interested in becoming a partner? Sign up for our partnership program and we will contact you!

  • InEvent profile for Ben Pidskalny - Vice President
    It's really profitable for the services we offer; we do virtual events that are in six figures! It's pretty remarkable to have that much revenue without leaving the office. Ben Pidskalny - Vice President

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