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Globo TV Network uses InEvent software to create an integrated and innovative experience for its media partners.


InEvent Cases

With more than 10,000 employees, Globo TV Network has produced worldwide journalism, entertainment and communication for the last 53 years. More than 100 million people watch Globo channel every day.

The media professional is a very important partner for Globo. Being the primary partner between advertisers and the broadcaster, strengthening the relationship with the media professional is important for business. For the media professional's day, Globo organized exclusive events for its media partner guests.

The expectation was that the guests felt like celebrating their day, involved in several thematic attractions.Marcos Neres - IT Business Partner Specialist at Globo TV


InEvent Challenges

  • Provide a 100% integrated experience during all stages of the event (communication, registration, engagement and post event analysis);
  • Facilitate the operational management of the event with a customizable branded experience;
  • Establish a pattern of operations for organizing the same event into two states;
  • Generate realtime data analysis of events.


  • InEvent Solutions

    Registration Form

    Attendees registered through a branded form created by the event organization. Guests information was available live; in a reliable, controled and secure process. In addition, the form fields were freely editable using our software. Registration notifications and emails were sent automatically, which brought automation to the process from end to end. Globo TV used InEvent powerful CRM solution to engage with attendees after registration based on each attendee profile.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Access Control

    During both events, InEvent access control was used, which enabled the synchronized control of the attendees in a single and secure platform. Data was tracked live and managers could see how many people have arrived at the event by the minute.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Email Marketing

    Transactional emails were used to engage with attendees, which were sent based on attendee behavior, such as RSVP answers, previous emails or delivery status. Previously Globo TV had issues with email delivery due to its complex premium guests status and also high spam inbox volume. The InEvent platform provided a solution with three components: a custom address to send emails from a separate domain, Artificial Intelligence to check valid emails plus fake accounts and a full email log with individual clicks, openings and also delivery dates. All contributing to the best possible delivery rate.

  • InEvent Case Testimonial
    Regarding event technology, our aim was to offer the most innovative experience for our attendees. This needed to be reflected in the communication, event arrival and during the event itself. InEvent was perfect for this. InEvent platform is very user friendly. Customer support was available at all times, helping us with last minute demands speed fast. We're looking to use the platform’s API to leverage our data strategy. Marcos Neres - IT Business Partner Specialist at Globo TV

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