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About Lorandus Virtual Event AgencyLorandus creates customized, experience-based travel solutions that reward and recognize employees, partners, and customers. Based in Cambridge, ON, they have been providing travel and experience-related services to corporate clients for over 15 years.


InEvent Challenges

Lorandus not only made it through, but thrived after Covid-19. Like so many other companies in the travel industry, they were forced to find creative ways to provide their customers who had previously purchased travel and event planning services from them. Their focus shifted towards providing new ways to engage the remote workforce.

In 2021, Lorandus partnered with InEvent to provide a new and innovative digital VIP experience to replace the traditional travel solutions offered.

Virtual Lobby

The Solution

Lorandus high-quality digital experience imageLorandus needed to show their clients that their new offerings were of the highest quality. With InEvent, they offered high-quality digital experiences, combined with the personal touch of hand-picked engagement boxes delivered to their attendees’ door.

"We wanted something very engaging to bring them into, a virtual event platform that could solve the Zoom fatigue through engagement and flexibility"

InEvent’s event management solution provided Lorandus’ clients with the ability to engage their attendees by creating 80 different activities within their event. Each activity had links that led them to 'break out' rooms, which encouraged more interaction between attendees without the need for a room host. In order to keep track of attendee activity, Lorandus created different lists to regulate which activities were being attended and by who.

Lorandus found InEvent’s pricing structure to match their exact needs. They could rely on no hidden costs, which would have threatened their markups.

"Even though some other platforms seem cheaper, their limitations force you to pay additional costs. When you factor that in, InEvent offered much better value and many more features""Even though some other platforms seem cheaper, their limitations force you to pay additional costs. When you factor that in, InEvent offered much better value and many more features"Lorandus No Hidden Costs


InEvent Outcome

Using InEvent, Lorandus was able to create unique experiences that included small networking sessions, breakout rooms, and live-streamed entertainment sessions that better met the needs of their clients.

"InEvent has all the features we needed to run outstanding events, from registration to control of who can access what, which gave us the ability to create unique and valuable experiences"

The upside of going virtual is that companies and organizations can track the behavior of their attendees at a more granular level.

Virtual event agency exampleInEvent’s live analytics dashboard gave Lorandus insight into their attendees’ participation in a way that they have never experienced before and were able to share analytics reports with their clients’ proving the value they delivered.

As travel opened up, Lorandus decided to invest further in InEvent, not only for the virtual moment that the world was experiencing but also for combining some of the virtual advantages with the in-person event experience in order to increase the inclusion of their events and activities for those who can’t or won’t travel.

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