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Discover how InEvent assists EOCI Pharmacomm to generate revenue from their sponsors, consistently.


EOCI Pharmacomm is a full-service medical education agency based in Montréal, Canada. Their talented CME professionals are experts in program strategy, content development, instructional design, event management, and digital media.


Before the outbreak of the pandemic and the swift pivot to virtual events, EOCI Pharmacomm had its custom-made virtual platform, which shared some similarities with the InEvent platform. On the contrary, it had a high-quality production value, which required them to rent a studio or a hotel meeting room, and hire a filming crew that would stream the doctors sitting on a panel giving the presentations. They sought to go beyond their usual strategy by opting for a platform where their attendees could watch the sessions live and on-demand.

Sw successful virtual event case study

Additionally, they needed a fitting substitute for networking at in-person events because they run a series of accredited medical programs which demand high interactivity and professionalism in presentation. While exploring solutions, they encountered Zoom Webinar, which they utilized for a series of conferences and small events held in 2020 and partly in 2021. EOCI Pharmacomm realized that Zoom Webinar lacked an all-in-one solution for engagement, data presentation, and professional broadcast streaming. Here's Craig Ward Specialist at EOCI Pharmacomm, has to say about using Zoom Webinar:

EOCI Pharmacomm case study

"We felt that people were getting tired of Zoom, which had limited features. Our events are very presentation-based and data-driven, which is the heart of the event. Having slides is a must, and interactivity tools like polls and sending questions - Zoom had all these. But we were looking for something more: something that had more features and everything in one place to make the user experience better."


Before EOCI Pharmacomm began using InEvent, they were skeptical because they had heard many companies complain about different platforms that they've used for their events. In Craig's words:

"If attendees and sponsors don't like something, it can affect things badly."

Negative commentary is a corporate image dent that EOCI Pharmacomm strongly averts. However, with InEvent, the reserve is the reality. Everybody who attended their events had a seamless experience and had no complaints.

Sw successful virtual event case study

"We did look at other platforms just to see the features and compare them, but InEvent kept rising to the top because the support is absolutely amazing for sure! The flexibility is a big one with your platform - how much you can manipulate it, change it - all of that made it rise to the top. Other platforms are so rigid that you can't change them; you can't integrate third-party features. We definitely want a platform that is flexible enough to meet all our client's needs, depending on the event."

Going forward, EOCI Pharmacomm is optimistic about the outcomes their events will yield this year, based on their past performance utilizing the InEvent platform. Craig expressed enthusiasm for the Live Studio, because it is perfect for real-time content editing, and it adds that extra touch of professionalism.

"We've tested it out, and it's super easy to use. It's not complicated, and that's another plus. I found it very intuitive, and I feel like anyone can use it without having any difficulty."

Every day, EOCI Pharmacomm prepared the platform for upcoming events, which became a routine for them to attain high-end results from their events.

"If not, I am continuously training people on how to use it whenever we have new staff members or there's new feature that comes out, or if there's something new that I learn on it. I will disseminate that information to my team. That way, we're always using InEvent."

Craig's statement proves that InEvent is the go-to platform for daily virtual interactions, as it supports remote lifestyles.


  • EOCI Pharmacomm is entirely satisfied with its choice of audio-video platform. Out of the numerous features that InEvent provides, leveraging sponsor booths, email communication, and speed networking has stimulated regular attendance and sponsorship of their events.

    Sw successful virtual event case study

    Networking is equally essential to EOCI Pharmacomm's events because it's something that they describe as 'missing from the virtual world'. Networking was a critical part of their face-to-face meetings, which were taken away by the pandemic. Currently, they are not worried about their virtual events being void of networking because the Speed Networking feature is a professional substitute for in-person networking.

  • InEvent profile for Craig Ward - Digital Media Specialist
    Everything we need is all in one space, one of which includes easy email communication with the attendees from the platform. Initially, we would have to communicate outside of Zoom because it doesn't have that feature. We generate revenue from our sponsors, and we found that our sponsors have been pleased with all our events so far that they keep sponsoring more events. Then also customizations; being able to brand every event has a nice touch and makes them look professional so it doesn't look like any other event. Instead, it looks like our own. Craig Ward - Digital Media Specialist

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