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How clients perceived value on InEvent event system through an app that guaranteed attendees participation.


Localiza is the largest car rental company in Latin America. The company invests in recurring corporate events to assist in the training of its thousands of employees. It's the case of Localiza Convention, one of the largest events of the company, ideal moment to align, inspire and engage leaders of all teams. In 2019, the event was attended by over a thousand people, including leaders and sales staff, to discuss building the future of mobility.

Panda Promotions and Events is one of the most traditional agencies in the industry. Operating for 38 years, they have major brands as clients, such as Rede Globo, Vallourec and Localiza itself.
Localiza hired Panda to assist in the production of the Localiza Convention. They wanted participants to have a customizable application with all the important event data for each user, such as the agenda of the events they were going to attend, and that offered a real possibility of participant engagement. In addition, organizers were looking for a way to send instant messages to guests with real-time updates during the event. So Panda found InEvent event system to answer the needs of the client.


InEvent Challenges

Localiza team already had in mind that it would be important to count on a customized app for the participants of the event. As the theme of the Conference was Futurize, it would be coherent to offer digital communication during the event, following the innovation and technology theme that permeated this edition.

Panda Productions then had a big challenge: to accelerate and effectively communicate with participants during the Convention. Besides, they had the concern of engaging guests with the exclusive app made for the event.


  • InEvent Solutions

    Mobile app

    By hiring InEvent, clients had an easy-to-use application, customized with the event identity and tailored to it's needs.

    Through the event app, organizers were able to share information with attendees at any time through the news feed and push notifications, which was Localiza's primary wish. Unlimited notifications could be sent directly to all participants at once or separated by segments. This optimizes and accelerates communication with the public.

  • InEvent Solutions


    Regarding engagement during the event, InEvent app offers, among other functionalities:

    • Integration with social media
      Login via social media, participants had quick and safe access to the app.
    • Smart survey
      It was possible to conduct more assertive surveys by name, position, company and / or badge. The event app provided a contact list of participants, presented either publicly or privately.
    • Quizzes
      It was also possible to carry out surveys with the participants, about varied subjects. The poll acts as a thermometer that measures the engagement of people in relation to the program and debated topics.
    • Native chat
      It was possible to create space in the event app for the exchange of private messages among the participants, promoting timeless networking that doesn´t restrict itself to the coffee break.

  • InEvent Solutions

    InEvent App still offers several other functionalities like:

    • Personal schedule for each participant Very useful for the Localiza Convention, since the program was extensive and with a varied public.
    • File sharing Organizers were able to upload documents of various formats (such as articles or Power Point presentations), sharing with participants.
    • Integration with other technologies and software since Panda Productions had already hired the QR Code service from a partner, it was fundamental to have that service integrated to InEvent app, which successfully happened.

  • InEvent Solutions

    Customers have been able to note that InEvent goes way beyond an application: event organizers have a complete event management platform, where they can control everything from CRM to budget and other strategic planning tools to use before, during and after the event. All with the credibility of a platform that saves files in the cloud, ensuring data security and easy access to them (be it a computer, tablet or a smartphone).





  • InEvent Case Testimonial
    It's hard to compete with other apps the participant already has on his smartphone. The easy use of InEvent app, with a clean interface and mainly it's usefulness to the Convention, certainly helped the participants to interact more with it. This enhanced engagement with the event. Ana Carolina Souza – Localiza Business Development Assistant
  • InEvent Case Testimonial
    We already knew InEvent and what made us hire the software for this project was mainly the differential in customer service. For being a technology company, they managed to ally very well both the technical and the human part. InEvent's Customer Success team understood our problem, participated in the construction of the project with Panda and performed a delivery of excellence. Eduardo Zech - Panda Productions and Events Marketing Director

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