Sonepar Open Doors

Sonepar, global leader in the distribution of electrical materials, integrated 700 employees and families from 41 units in a interactive gamification experience.


The purpose of Sonepar Open Doors is to invite employees' families to spend time at the company's premises. The event, which occurs annually, took place between March 20 and 31 and aimed to integrate its employees and their families from the 41 units of Sonepar distributed in Brazil. This year more than 700 employees and their families participated and interacted throughout the day. In past events, a platform for communication and interaction of Sonepar's employees was not used. This year, it was vital that participants interacted and communicated independently of their hierarchical level.


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    Mobile Platform

    An app was specially designed and developed for this event. Invitations to employees were personalized and emailed as well as the app download link. One of the most used features by the participants and the organization was the news feed, which engaged the participants to communicate and follow the event as a whole. Push notifications were used to communicate participants about the event agenda, activities, gamification instructions and miscellaneous warnings. The organization of the event had access to the web manager, where messages and alerts could be strategically defined when and how they would reach the collaborators. Daily contact via notifications kept the event with a constant interaction, making communication easier and more effective.

  • InEvent Solutions


    The missions were intended to keep employees engaged throughout the event. By achieving the mission's objective, the organization was able to easily measure and control interactions throughout the event. This way, it was easier and more practical to reward the most active collaborators on ongoing missions. With the help of human resources, the missions dealt with items such as visits to factories, photos with relatives, recognition of company values, voluntary work and donation of non-perishable food.





Sonepar was very pleased with the platform due to it being able to provide for the encounter and interaction of all the company's employees, digitally and simultaneously, on different units and without differentiating hierarchical levels. The app with integrated gamification caused a differentiated experience to the participants. During the event, more than 150,000 interactions and more than 2500 posts were counted. All these data points could be extracted on the InEvent platform, which accurately showed the information of each collaborator.


  • Interaction of employees independent of their hierarchical level.;
  • Enhance the company culture and values through the app gamification.;
  • Development of human resources actions with pushes and interactive missions.;
  • Adoption of a digital channel for all communication throughout the event.;

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