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For the past three years, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and InEvent have collaborated closely to improve how events are conducted. This strategic relationship was initiated in response to the challenges posed by the necessity of pivoting to virtual during the lockdown, and then from virtual back to in-person. MCEC, renowned for its versatile spaces, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to sustainability, was able to adjust to the times and implement hybrid capabilities with the help of InEvent.

In this successful story, we chat with Josh Bryce, Casper Maxwell, Christian Omolo, and Mark Higgins. They share more about the MCEC products and how InEvent has helped them live up to their name and reputation as the “Home of the Unconventional.”


MCEC's Need for an Ideal all-in-one event technology provider

One of MCEC's main challenges was finding a platform encompassing all the services they wished to deliver to their clients. At the time they had a stack of providers and had to manage different systems and relationships. In order to find the right partner MCEC, explored numerous suppliers.

"As we were tasked with delivering bigger and bigger events to an online audience, it became apparent that we needed a platform that could bring all those features together." Casper Maxwell, MCEC

But InEvent stood out. Switching to InEvent was easy due to its capacity to service them locally, while offering a complete set of solutions and human support to migrate from older systems and implement updated technology.


The InEvent Advantage

The payoff MCEC found when switching to InEvent was quick. As they required engagement between both virtual and on-site attendees, they found in InEvent help to accomplish that with our application using group and private messaging and video calls, networking and social media integration .

These cutting edge networking features alongside the ability to provide on-site support have continued to bridge this gap seamlessly, MCEC’s Digital Event Manager, Mark Higgins, tells us.

"The networking was a big thing for us because we needed to be able to allow virtual attendees to interact with people within the center because we are a venue. We need people to come in. So, that was a big plus for InEvent because they have great networking features that allow for group chats, one on one meetings, all very versatile within the platform."

InEvent is helping MCEC achieve incremental revenue using our white label solution to continue fulfilling MCEC’s need to be a one-stop shop for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.

"InEvent was an obvious solution for us in bringing all those features together - having high-quality RTMP streaming , webRTC technology, and a great user interface. It was an excellent acquisition for our services." Casper Maxwell, MCEC


A Transformation in Event Management and Delivery

Successful In-person and Hybrid Events:
InEvent's technology complements MCEC's existing streaming equipment, enabling a flawless integration of digital elements into physical events. The Live Studio feature has become a pivotal tool for bringing remote speakers into the venue, enhancing audience engagement through live polls , Q&A sessions and to provide on-demand content.

Accessibility and Translation:
InEvent's language translation capabilities ensure events are accessible to a global audience, breaking language barriers and increasing audience numbers. Furthermore, the ability of having sign-language interpreters and keyboard accessibility made their productions possible for attendees with disabilities.

Enhancing the Post-Event Experience:
The availability of on-demand materials extends the event's longevity, fosters a thriving community, and provides promotional content for future events. Feedback and analytics are also helping MCEC understand successes and opportunities to better plan their next events.

Harnessing the Power of AI & Integration:
As an API-first platform, InEvent's native integrations have been vital to MCEC's event management. The ability to synchronize products in real-time ensures dynamic adaptability before and during events, accommodating last-minute changes and challenges effortlessly.

"InEvent is a great platform because they built an API-first platform that is well documented. Our in-house developers have access to all information they need to build processes with the development of new products like our speakers' prep system. The InEvent team is also easy to reach and provides support round-the-clock for the dev team." Christian Omolo
InEvent's ChatGPT integration is automatic email communications, streamlining marketing processes and enhancing engagement with event attendees. With this integration, MCEC is able to quickly create personalized emails with richer customer experience.

"InEvent is a great platform because they built an API-first platform that is well documented. Our in-house developers have access to all information they need to build processes with the development of new products like our speakers' prep system. The InEvent team is also easy to reach and provides support round-the-clock for the dev team." Mark Higgins

Next Line of Action

Plans for the Future

InEvent's all-in-one platform, reliable technology, user-friendly interface, and accessibility capabilities have enabled MCEC to overcome challenges and host more engaging in-person events within their state-of-the art meeting spaces. The collaboration has transformed MCEC's event experience, cementing its position as a leading event venue. MCEC looks forward to exploring new ways to engage its growing virtual and in-person audiences and deliver exceptional event experiences.
Ready to achieve the same results as the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center (MCEC)? Get in touch with us now to show you the ropes of using InEvent to meet your business objectives. Partner with InEvent today in creating event experiences that transcend time zones, languages, and geographical locations. Go beyond with InEvent.

  • InEvent profile for Mark Higgins, Digital Event Manager @ MCEC
    One of the things we found about InEvent was that they were well established in the market already, and it did make a big difference to how we viewed them as part of the solution. Mark Higgins, Digital Event Manager @ MCEC

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