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Enterprise pricing is the same as non Enterprise pricing?

Enterprise plans have a series of additional benefits, including a sales account manager, a project manager for account implementation and also access to our legal counsel in case you need to review the default agreements:

  • MSA: Master Service Agreement
  • NDA: Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • DPA: Data Processing Agreement
  • SCC: Standard Contractual Clauses
Enterprise accounts start at USD 15,000 a year. It means you just need to order this minimum amount in products to be eligible. There are no additional or hidden fees to become an Enterprise account.

What is the enterprise price per registration?

Price per registration can vary depending on volume and also selected plans, including additional perks. Get in touch with us to learn more about our enterprise pricing. We can provide custom quotes based on your requirements.

Enterprise plans have insurance?

Yes, InEvent offers E&O and Cyber insurance on all its Enterprise plans. If additional insurance policies are required, InEvent can fulfill your request on contracts over USD 50,000 a year. Please note that InEvent charges an additional fee for addon policies.

Where can I send my RFP request?

You can reach out to our sales team or you can pick a time below to schedule some time with our sales executives.

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